Mayim Technologies Announces Clean Water Campaign

League City, TX – Please help Mayim Technologies bring clean water to the world! Mayim Technologies have made it so far and they need your help, failure is not an option and they are in need of your kind donation of any amount to keep the doors open for the next few weeks and months so that you may realize their vision of creating the next generation of clean water standards across the globe, especially to those in need.

Your donation means more than you know, the dream is:

To clean water for all who need it while caring for the environment by being green, having negative carbon emissions, and cleaning wastewater from our rivers, seas, and immediately upgrade to the latest release. Visit Mayim Technologies GoFundMe campaign to donate now!

Clean Water Global Impact

Mayim Technologies has spent the last two years working on bringing the future of clean water to fruition and it has taken every last penny of their own to make their water filtration machine a reality to make clean water available to the nearly 884 million people around the globe who drink contaminated water and/or don’t have access to basic water services.


Two years ago Brandon Rumann, a NASA engineering designer of 7 years, and his father, a NASA engineer of 36 years, set out to build the first water filtration machine better than reverse osmosis, that uses less electricity and filters 99.9% of contaminated water (RO cleans 40%, better RO systems can clean about 50-60% of the water it intakes, our machine can clean 99.9% of water), they did just that. Using NASA technology, their prototype is capable of cleaning 600 gallons of water per hour. Not only this but they are able to clean nuclear waste from the water, remove dangerous chemicals such as those found in Flint Michigan’s water table, remove harmful parasites, bacteria, salts, the list goes on. It is our goal to bring clean water to the world!

To learn more or to DONATE, please visit: 

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