Millionaire Kids Club is Launching Their NTF Digital Treasures and Invites to Their “Treehouse”

Millionaire Kids Club is Launching Their NTF Digital Treasures and Invites to Their "Treehouse"
The Millionaire Kids Club, MKC is a collection of 4,444 self-made millionaire child NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind digital treasures that live lavishly on the Ethereum blockchain. MKC has announced the release of its latest NFT collection.

A Millionaire Kids Club NFT is a one-of-a-kind image that is created using a unique code. Pre-drawn images of each unique trait and basis, such as clothing, accessories, expressions, and more, are used to construct several combinations, resulting in a variety of images, none of which are identical. These photographs are then stored on IPFS and used in Solidity to create an ERC-721 smart contract that converts each image into an ETH token. This lets the developer create a minting feature that allows purchasers to bring the art to life on the blockchain by purchasing it.

This project was created on the foundation of one simple philosophy and to bring financial freedom to the community. The creator of this concept is a teenager who dreamt of ways that he could change the lives of him and those who were around him for the better. Even for an adult, to live free and experience the happiness a kid perceives every day is a dream.

When Will Millionaire Kids Club Be Released?

The team Millionaire Kids Club is launching their mint on March 23, 2022. The interesting thing is they are constructing their own marketplace with future staking, as well as creating their own web3 club called “The Treehouse”. It’s only accessible by millionaire kids NFT holders.

Why Buy from Millionaire Kids Club?

The non-fungible tokens being made available next Wednesday are composed of hand-designed and pixelated attributes that combine to form complete avatars. The first collection totals 1,111 pieces but there are future collections coming soon. Some traits are far more distinct than others and some of the tokens are extremely rare. Other than entering “The treehouse”, a buyer will be eligible for exclusive giveaways where they can find lots of ways to win free stuff. NFTS, ETH. They can also combine their MKC NFTs with a future toxic champagne which will create new NFT monster versions of Millionaire Kids, and much more.

Where can you find Millionaire Kids Club?

Millionaire Kids Club can be found on different platforms and social media:

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