How Marko Vrakela Became The “Go-To Guy” In Construction

Marko Vrakela started out in construction in the same way as many others, at the bottom. Unlike many, his hard work, dedication, and skilful decision making have allowed him to rise to the top of his industry.

Today, he runs his own business and is known as one of the biggest developers in the region, specialising in office, residential and commercial complexes. 

Of course, the company hasn’t always been at the top, Vrakela has grown it steadily, increasing the size of its client base, the projects it has undertaken, and consequently improving the revenue of the business.

There are several factors that have made Marko Vrakela a success:


It’s hard to make it to the top without experience and Vrakela has over 20 years in the field. That means he knows what he is doing and how to deal with unforeseen issues. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen or dealt with over the years.

This makes it easier to find a solution and stick to deadlines.

He Understands Hard Work

Construction involves hard work, often intense manual labour. Much of Vrakela’s success is due to his willingness to put the work in and his determination to succeed. Whatever the job, he has found a way to achieve the goal within the agreed deadline and deliver as promised.

Of course, he expects a lot from others but never more than he is prepared to do himself.

The Track record

Experience and hard work have allowed Marko Vrakela to reach the top of the industry and attract some of the biggest clients in the country. However, what really made this possible was his attention to detail. It allowed him to create a reputation for high-quality work.

That reputation is what ensures the business is known and respected within the industry, ensuring his construction firm is one of the first that people think of. With a great track record, new clients can be assured they are going to get the very best service.


Of course, to become the “go-to guy” Vrakela realized that he needed to offer the best possible communication. By doing so his clients are always aware of issues and solutions, it helps to ensure the project is completed on time and that the client is satisfied. It’s hard not to be if you’ve been kept in the loop and the changes are all authorised by you.

The ability to communicate efficiently and effectively is paramount to the success of Marko Vrakela.

Attention To Detail

The key to successful construction projects is in attending to every detail. Whether it’s having the right skills for the job at hand or identifying the safest way to finish a project. Attention to detail is essential to ensure the finished result is perfect.

Fortunately, Marko Vrakela is a master at detail, allowing him to anticipate every issue and potential solution. Through this, he has built a reputation for excellence and is now considered the ‘go-toguy”. If you’re after any constructionwork you need o contact him first.

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