Eyeweb Announces the Top 5 WileyX Safety Frames to Wear

“”WileyX Safety Frames””
Love wearing WileyX safety frames? Eyeweb Announces Top 5 WileyX Safety Frames to look fabulous while protecting eyes during work. Check now!

Whether you’re looking for style or safety, check out these recent Wiley X frames that are both protective and stylish.

1. Wiley X AIRRAGE:

Wiley X Airrage eyeglasses are multifunctional and are used for tactical, sports, and bike riding. In addition, they are part of the climate control series. A removable gasket protects eyes from outside elements, and sunglasses straps allow a comfortable fit. Wiley x Airrage’s impact design blocks debris, perception, and wind to approach eyes. A T-peg cut-off system seals head straps from the temple side and keeps eyeglasses frames locked.

2. Wiley X BRICK:

WileyX brick is a super pair of safety and stylish sunglasses that deliver exceptional performance for any fast-paced activities. They have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that can resist any impact hazard. The lenses of Wiley X brick meet safety standard ANSIZ87.1. The sunglasses also have 100% ultraviolet ray protection. Besides, T-shell coated scratch-resistant lenses are made to stand against harsh conditions. The Wiley X brick frame is available with clear lenses if you don’t like routine black or grey shade lenses. In addition, the Wiley X brick 855 has flash mirror lenses coated to absorb harmful glare through the mirror surface.

3. Wiley X P-17:

Wiley X P-17 is the most reputable sunglasses. Like all styles of Wiley X Sunglases collections, P-17 safety glasses meet safety criteria and can be used as cool sun shades or for hazardous workplaces. The high-end features of soft temples and nose pieces stay fixed even in a heavy sweat. The high-tech lenses boost your color contrast no matter where you are. Most frames are one size fit to all.

4. Wiley X GRAVITY:

Wiley X gravity is an excellent choice for people living an active lifestyle. These protective sunglasses have an adjustable and durable nylon frame with flexible temples and soft nose pads. They also have removable eyecups that are soft and have vented to decrease fog. Therefore, Wiley X gravity is perfect for motorcycle riders due to delivering excellent safety to your eyes. In addition, the detachable soft eyecups, temple straps, prescription lenses and meet ANSI Z87.1 safety certifications.

5. WileyX REBEL:

Wiley x rebel sunglasses have a durable, low-profile frame design that offers a refined look. They meet ANSI Z87.1 safety criteria for visual clarity. Shatterproof lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch resistance features make lenses durable against strict applications. Furthermore, flexible temples deliver comfort and 100% fit on your face.

Whatever eyewear you select, our goal is to offer users prescription eyewear at a reasonable cost. In addition, we are committed to delivering high-quality safety glasses that are ANSI-rated and ballistic standard. Visit eyeweb.com to purchase your next pair of safety glasses today!

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