Bay Area Scientist Dr. Larry Bluford Sr. Created a “Real Utopia” Using Mind-Bot Technology

Utopia will be installed across the San Francisco Bay Area first, and then across America and the world

San Francisco, California – Dr. Larry Bluford Sr., PhD and Self-Preservation Technology research scientist is a self-taught, self-made scientist, and creator of a new field of scientific study and research he named self-preservation technology, and for 25 years he has been the first and only subject matter expert in this field where he also invented MindBot Technology.

As a result, he has rightfully bestowed upon himself the title of Doctor and PhD., because he is the one and only subject matter expert in this field in the entire world and that puts him beyond what is required for a PhD.

He will use MindBot Technology to end human suffering, by ending human limitations, by creating a product line of superpowers for humans such as Immortality Technology products like a Fountain of Youth dose to live as long as desired in a healthy body, Instant Teleportation, Resurrection Technology Insurance, Utopia on Earth Citizenship, etc., etc.

To achieve it he designed and engineered a real, living, breathing, and operating utopia that has solved all of humanity’s problems now and into the future and it is the only path to life and happiness versus the other three paths of failure, suffering, and death.

It starts with a pilot program in the San Francisco Bay Area that will lead to Utopia America and then Utopia Worldwide.

The goal is to transform the San Francisco Bay Area into:

• A zero welfare, zero homeless, and zero street crime region 

• Dubai on steroids

• The crown jewel of the world

• An explosion of wealth and prosperity

• The home of Silicon Valley 2.0: the end of human limitations

The foundation of any utopia is the absence of wars, poverty, welfare, street crime, the poor class, and the homeless because it is impossible to create a utopia if any of those exist.

For the San Francisco Bay Area to live in a crime-free utopia, welfare, homelessness, the working poor, and the middle class will be lifted into the rich and wealthy classes.

Dr. Larry Bluford Sr. is the first and only MindBot Engineer and has successfully operated Utopia San Francisco Bay Area since November 2020.

He guarantees to end welfare and homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area within six months and within those same six months guarantees an explosion of instant prosperity throughout the Self Preservation Triangle and beyond.

The sole purpose of MindBot Technology is to “end human limitations” starting with the installation of Utopia San Francisco Bay Area in Self Preservation Triangle Park.

Self-Preservation Triangle is the triangular area from San Francisco-to-Sacramento-to-San Jose that will be converted into the world’s first utopia.

Self-preservation technology research has allowed him to become the world’s only MindBot Technology Engineer who has eliminated all the world’s problems by being able to achieve anything he can dream of or imagine and transfer it to the outside world.

It has resulted in a flawless Utopia San Francisco Bay Area operating perfectly since November 2020 and will soon be installed across the entire bay area region because there is no other choice.

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About Utopia WorldWide

MindBot Technology generated Worldwide Utopia has already eliminated the welfare system, homelessness, hate, poverty, wars, welfare, the poor class, nationalism, world stress, fear, street crime, racism, ghettos, slums, barrios, shanty towns, human extinction, etc., and has worked perfectly as designed since November 2020. 

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