Leander Tree Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Clean Client’s Tree Crowns

Leander, Texas – Leander Tree Experts spent the whole of last week working on the trees surrounding Alex Whistler’s 4-acre property. Using tree pruning on 70 trees, the tree care company helped the homeowner remove dead branches, diseased branches, and dying limbs from the tree crowns. By end of the tree maintenance procedure, Alex’s trees were healthier and more aesthetically appealing.

“In the past, these trees have always enjoyed professional maintenance every 3 to 4 years,” said Alex. “However, for the last 8 years, the trees haven’t enjoyed maintenance. The family business has been down for almost 5 years. When the Coronavirus struck, everything came down crumbling. The family was directing all its money towards the business to help it survive – this made it impossible for the family to afford professional tree services in Leander.”

“Towards the end of 2021,” added Alex, “the infection rates started reducing and the business started generating some handsome income. When the money started flowing in, the first thing that everyone in the family decided to do was invest in tree pruning.”

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Alex noted that he has always used Leander Tree Experts for his tree trimming procedures. However, he was yet to use the company for a tree maintenance procedure that involved overly damaged trees. The homeowner, however, was confident the company would deliver great results. Alex noted he was basing his confidence in the company on the fact that he had found numerous testimonials written by people who had hired Leander Tree Experts for very complicated tree maintenance procedures.

“Contacting Leander Tree Experts was easy,” said Alex. “The company received the call on the first ring. In less than one hour, the company had sent a professional to assess the trees on my landscape and provide a cost estimate.”

Alex noted the cost estimate proved waiting until his business was making a lot of money to invest in tree pruning was not necessary. The company’s price was much cheaper than expected. The homeowner realized he would only need to use half of the money he had set aside for the tree pruning project.

“Leander Tree Experts initiated the tree pruning procedure on the same day they delivered the cost estimate,” said Alex. “Working on 10 trees every day, the tree care company completed the tree pruning procedure in 7 days. With the trees being extremely overgrown, the family was expecting the company to take at least 3 weeks on the project.”

“One of the reasons everyone had overestimated the cost of the tree pruning project is the family had also assumed the project would take at least 21 days,” said Alex. “The company decided to reduce the family’s estimated project time by two-thirds. The company’s ability to finish the large project quickly was probably one of the reasons why the family saved 50% of the money set aside for tree pruning.”

When reporters visited Alex’s home to witness the results generated by Leander Tree Experts, they noticed the landscape did not have any branches or leaves lying around. The reporters later confirmed that Leander Tree Experts always clean landscapes after tree care procedures.

“Cleanup is a part of every one of the company’s services,” the Leander Tree Experts CEO told reporters. “The company’s team of qualified professionals in Leander was only satisfied after ensuring Alex’s landscape was clean both on the crowns and below the trees.”

Leander Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at1715 W Whitestone Blvd, Leander, TX 78641, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 512-980-1748 and sales@treeexpertsaustin.com

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