New Book, “Chubby Little Stubby to the Rescue” is an Inspirational Masterpiece to Pursue One’s Dreams with an Unwavering Resolve

Beth Pysnack’s debut book teaches children to believe in themselves and pursue their life goals regardless of the opinion of others

It is easy for people to become stereotyped, succumbing to a false image of themselves heaved upon them by other’s opinion. A person’s life is seriously impacted by the choices they make and the information they consume. Usually, a large percentage of this process is impacted by what people have convinced them is fact and information about their life.

From negative self-image to limiting self-beliefs, many things stand in the way. They can form pillars of limitations. Beth Pysnack hopes to pull down these pillars, especially in children. The author, a Central New York resident, is pleased to announce the release of her debut children’s book, Chubby Little Stubby to the Rescue, which shows how readers can follow their dreams and always do what they are good at despite any preconceived or misguided limitations.

The book follows the story of Stubby, a search-and-rescue corgi deemed too little for the job. Stubby is an affectionate dog and relatable to children. As an inspirational children’s book, Chubby Little Stubby to the Rescue teaches children to follow their dreams and realize they can be good at anything as long as they work hard and never give up. This will create a more inclusive future for all.

Beth Pysnack makes Chubby Little Stubby to the Rescue an engaging and exciting adventure focusing on goals and safety. With each flip of the page, readers will be drawn deeper into the beautiful narrative and lovely illustrations of the story of how Stubby reunites a lost boy with family.

Chubby Little Stubby to the Rescue is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback versions. To get the book, please visit

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