J&M Tree Service Redlands Helps City Government Improve Visibility on Busy Street with Tree Pruning

Redlands, California – On Monday and Tuesday, J&M Tree Service Redlands helped the city government improve safety in one of the city’s busiest streets. Working on W Lugonia Ave, the company pruned 26 trees, removing branches that were blocking visibility.

“It’s been long since the trees on W Lugonia Ave were pruned,” said the city’s head of the Public Works Department. “When the city received an application from a professional tree care company that was willing to prune the trees at a very affordable fee, the city’s management took advantage of this opportunity. As it turns out, hiring J&M Tree Service Redlands was one of the best decisions – the company completed the procedure quickly and did a very impressive job.”

The head of the Public Works Department noted that several accidents had been reported on W Lugonia Ave. The tree crowns were too low such that those using bikes or walking on the sidewalk could not see those in front of them.

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“Just last week,” said the head of Public Works Department, “a teenage biker was speeding on the footpath at around 5 pm. The teenager could not see a woman who was right in front of him. By the time the teenager saw the woman, he was too close to her. It was by mere luck the biker swayed from the woman and missed her. Unfortunately for the kid, he fell on the road and sustained some minor injuries.”

Although it has only been 3 days since J&M Tree Service Redlands completed the tree pruning procedure, pedestrians are reporting they are already feeling much safer. With better visibility, the pedestrians can avoid the bikers who often invade their footpath.

Reporters contacted the J&M Tree Service Redlands CEO to understand why his company decided to take on the project. The CEO was very forthcoming with information about the project.

“There are numerous reasons why J&M Tree Service Redlands decided to work on the city-owned trees,” said the company’s CEO. “For starters, tree pruning is one of the numerous tree maintenance procedures the company handles. The second reason is that the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Redlands had heard about the accidents that were being caused by the trees.”

The J&M Tree Service Redlands CEO noted safety was the major reason that prompted the company to take on the tree pruning project.

“All the company’s professional tree services in Redlands are connected to safety in one way or the other,” said the company’s CEO. “For this reason, the company could not just stand on the sidelines and watch as the pedestrians went home every evening with injuries that could have been avoided. The company already knew it could take the city’s government months to prepare and execute the necessary tree pruning procedure. A privately-managed company, however, could complete the tree maintenance procedure much sooner.”

J&M Tree Service Redlands reportedly pruned 13 trees every single day. Arriving at the worksite at 5 am armed with powerful spotlights, the company worked until 6 pm.

“The company had to work long hours each day to improve safety in the shortest time possible,” said the company’s CEO. “The company’s estimate had shown that each tree would take 1 hour to prune. To complete pruning the 26 trees in 2 days, the company had to work 13 hours per day. The company is extremely impressed to see residents appreciating the effort that the team put into the tree pruning project.”

J&M Tree Service Redlands’ base of operation is located at 1826 Orange Tree Ln, Redlands, CA 92374, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 909-473-4471 and sales@riversidetreecare.com

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