Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station Launched on Kickstarter

One of a kind solar charging station directly charges all devices, including power stations and vehicle batteries

Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station has been launched today on Kickstarter, offering a wealth of output ports with multi-function control boards that make it possible to charge electronic devices, power stations, and car, boat and other vehicle batteries—all from one single charger.

Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station features a voltage stabilizer and a controller module that are quickly integrated into its solar panel. In a nutshell, Omni lets users charge a phone, a power station, a portable freezer, and even a boat’s battery, directly and without requiring any other accessory.

Different types of devices can be charged simultaneously, leveraging a charging capacity of 120W, 240W, and up to 720W, depending on the Omni model you choose and how many panels they carry. Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station uses premium SUNPOWER cells that deliver a 23% conversion rate—significantly higher than what conventional solar chargers do. Omni also features a shadow-proof solar panel design that keeps converting and generating electricity efficiently even when trees or clouds stand in the way. 

As a portable solar charger, Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station is a very lightweight and extremely compact device that is foldable and easy to carry and store. This device is designed with a 20A directly integrated charging controller, which is equipped with a cable that can directly charge powerful power stations of almost every brand, charge RVs and Boat batteries, charge laptops, cameras, phones, and portable freezers.

In case an emergency occurs, Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station is built with an 800mAh Battery that will support any emergency charging requirements without relying on solar power. In terms of compatibility, Omni’s USB charging ports support QC3.0, Type C, and USB charging for all electronic devices.

The Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station campaign on Kickstarter is seeking to fund the large-scale production of the solar charging station. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the device.

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