Author’s Tranquility Press Publishes Joann Brown’s Thank God For Cancer

Leading book publishing and publicity company, Author’s Tranquility Press, announces the publication of “Thank God For Cancer,” a book by Joann Brown, detailing her ordeal as a breast cancer patient

Thank God For Cancer is a new expository from talented writer and cancer warrior, Joann Brown, where she takes readers on a rollercoaster journey about her life. The author explores the different sides of life while highlighting her struggles, the battle with breast cancer, and the lessons that came with that phase of life.

This book is about how I loved everyone in my life more than myself, enlightening spiritual testimony of the different ways GOD can lead, guide, help one to endure and overcome; and how, because of having to fight cancer, I was able to live through all my struggles, including breast cancer.”

Cancer remains one of the deadliest killers in the world, leading to thousands of deaths every year. Breast cancer has been identified as the most prevalent, with a report from WHO stating that there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685 000 deaths globally in 2020. The situation can be even more worrisome when it comes to getting proper care. This was the case of Joann Brown, as she had to start learning how to love and take care of herself, describing it as “the biggest struggle of all.”

The author of Thank God For Cancer aims to encourage readers to always find time for themselves and practice the art of self-love while also caring for others. Joann Brown personifies the process of achieving the stage of caring for oneself while also appreciating the importance of putting God as a focal point in all endeavours.

Thank God For Cancer can be found on Amazon and is available in Kindle and Paperback versions.

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About Joann Brown

Joann Brown is a talented author who aims to inspire others with her captivating stories and life experiences. Being an abused mentally, physically, and spiritually woman from a back wood plantation in Arkansas, life has not been particularly hard on her and it became even more difficult after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Consequently, the selfless Joann who found joy in pouring out her love on friends and family, had to learn how to love and care for herself, with the experience teaching her that one must never forget that above all; fight the hearest for oneself.

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