Author’s Tranquility Press, Nancy Carroll McEndree, Chronicles The Story Of An Abuse Victim In They Called Him White Chocolate

Leading publicity agency, Author’s Tranquility Press, supports Nancy Carroll McEndree, as she tells the story of Jim, a child abuse victim and how he found happiness with God in “They Called Him White Chocolate”

Nancy Carroll McEndree touches the lives of millions of people, especially victims of vice such as child abuse, as she cuts and carves in print the true story of her brother Jim in the book titled, “They Called Him White Chocolate”. Authors Tranquility Press enthusiastically supports, endorses, and is promoting this book to readers worldwide, and believes this book can have a life changing effect upon its readers!

Child abuse remains one of the most talked about topics across the globe, with millions of kids falling victim to the dastardly act. Over the years, several measures have been put in place to curb the spread of this scourge and save more lives. However, many of the available resources often fail to address the plight of victims especially in respect of recovering from the trauma and effects of being abused at a tender age. Consequently, Nancy McEndree seeks to dive deeper into what looks like untested water with “They Called Him White Chocolate”.

Nancy chronicles the story of her brother, Jim, and how his life on the street changed an existence of defeat and hardship into one of victory and success. Nancy records, “that the throways of refined society loved Jim and gave him a since of belonging, helping Jim crawl out of the pit of hopelessness and ultimately into the unity and happiness with the family of God.”

The book is particularly unique, written from the pen of his sister as well as parts told from the lips of a veteran who died tragically from the toxic effects of Agent Orange that he was poisoned with while serving his country in the Korean War.

“They Called Him White Chocolate” can be found on Amazon for readers worldwide.

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