How Consulting Firms Can Help Guide DEI Strategy

Everyone knows that businesses are hard to run, which is especially true when juggling all of the aspects that come with human resource management. These days, diversity in the workplace is a hot topic. While this may seem like an intimidating idea to address, it will become a natural part of how your business operates with the proper information and resources at your disposal. Alexandra McGroarty of McGroarty & Co. can help with that.

There are many business and HR consulting firms that help companies with their human resources needs across various issues. These firms work with the leadership of companies to devise and implement strategies to help make their companies more successful from an internal operational perspective, which will, in turn, lead to the company having a much more effective external output. A consulting firm is an oil to the machine that is your company, helping it operate more efficiently and effectively.

One thing that makes McGroarty & Co. stand out compared to its competitors is that they are a boutique firm. The benefit of a boutique firm is that their service is much more personalized because their smaller size allows them to devote more time to each of their clients. However, McGroarty also has experience working with large firms, so she knows the things that make them so successful. “I get to develop one-on-one relationships with my clients,” says McGroarty, “That leads to better solutions for your business.”

McGroarty & Co. is mainly known for its expertise in helping clients achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. All three of these things go hand-in-hand and are integral because, without one, the others aren’t as effective. It’s great to have diversity, but that means nothing if people don’t feel like their opportunities are equal and that they are valued within their organization. Diversity has no real purpose other than checking off a box without equity and inclusion.

Implementing DEI into the workplace means that your employees will be much more successful and have the opportunity to grow and better themselves within your system. But even beyond the benefits that these principles have as morale boosters for your team, diversity, equity, and inclusion can profoundly impact your company’s success. Everyone brings their own perspective to the table. Having diverse perspectives contributing to the conversation at all stages of the process will only result in a better product or service.

The thing about DEI policy is that it is not a one-time initiative — it is something that companies must integrate into their ongoing operations. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. These practices are essential in making your organization into a much more welcoming workplace for employees, which will lead to a much more fruitful climate. For companies to see the long-term effects of DEI, they need to commit to implementing these principles into their continuing operations.

These days, DEI policies are shifting to DEI-B, emphasizing the feeling of belonging that is crucial for employee success. It is vital to create a workplace where every person feels like they are welcome and not out-of-place. It’s one thing to make an employee feel included and part of something, but the connection becomes much more profound when they feel like they belong and are an integral part of the company. “Belonging is huge!” says McGroarty, “It is the emotional counterpart to inclusion. You want to ensure your teams show up and feel like they belong and can bring their whole self to work.”

But how does one go about creating this feeling of belonging for their employees? It all starts with bringing people together. The whole point of making an employee feel like they belong is to create an environment where they are comfortable and part of the team, which requires a team-like mentality. It’s crucial to foster this feeling of community among all employees because it will improve the individual employee’s experience.

It can be invaluable to have a good business and HR consulting firm such as McGroarty & Co. on your side when implementing DEI-B policies, especially when it is your first time undertaking this type of planning. Many people have ideas of how they would like their ideal workplace to look, but it can be tricky creating and executing a plan to turn that into a reality. An experienced consulting firm can identify the needs of your business and figure out how your company can best adopt these ideas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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