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Driver Treasure asked their customers what they thought were the best car accessories to for their son’s first car

A popular one-stop shop for car accessories has today revealed what their customers think are the best accessories to buy their son for their first car. Drive Treasure ( asked 1000 customers to look at all the accessories on offer and choose which one they would buy their son for their first car. Now, Drive Treasure is ready to share those results.

The team at Drive Treasure went through all the results and can now reveal the top three accessories that parents believe would be ideal for their son’s first car. The top three car accessories that have been chosen are priced under $50 with one of them priced under $16.

The online store that sells everything a vehicle owner could want for their vehicle has gained a reputation for selling quality car accessories at the lowest price. Their prices are so low that recently they hit the headlines when they challenged Amazon and other big-name brands to match their prices.

So, what are the top three accessories to buy a son for their first car?

Luxe Memory Foam Neck Pillow

The Luxe Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a great accessory to buy a son for their first car. It is priced at just $20.99 and brings luxury to any vehicle.

Buying this accessory which comes with a full guarantee allows you to drive in comfort. And when they want to pull over and have a sleep, the memory foam neck pillows stop them from getting a stiff neck.

It has become a popular product on the Drive Treasure platform.

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Felt Car Backseat Organizer

The Felt Car Backseat Organizer is a must for any teen driver. Teenagers are known for making a mess of their room, so to help them keep their car tidy, the backseat organizer is a must. It is just $15.99 and provides enough space for them to keep everything they need in their vehicle.

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Car Wireless Charger Cup

The best gift a parent can give their child for their new car is a car charger. The car wireless charger cup uses wireless technology to charge their device. Unlike many other chargers, this one can charge three devices at once thanks to the extra two USB ports. It is priced at just $48.99.

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