Gait Transformation Starts With Education & Daniel Rinella

Canes Are A Good Start, But We Still Have a Falling Crisis.

Everyone knows about walking canes. They have simply stood the test of time. But they are not the “cure all we want them to be”, says Daniel Rinella, gait specialist and pioneer of the “Walking With Confidence” movement.

In one of his educational pieces, Daniel offers a free report to people with walking challenges. It is titled, “Warning, Must Read Free Report – 3 Critical Gait Challenges You Might Have Right Now & Don’t Even Know. It!” – Visitors who are searching for answers can look to his page at: can download the report.

“If people can learn a little bit more on how they can transform their gait, we wouldn’t have a falling crisis like we do today, says Mr. Rinella.” “Walking mechanics can be improved even if your foot drop can not be cured”, he adds…

But the question is, how?

After 20 years of experience helping people walk with confidence, Mr Rinella says, “It can be relatively easy if we can get out of our own way, and learn new things”.

As an extension to his free report Daniel also offers a book that has newly been released in digital form, AFOs, Foot Drop & Fall Prevention. In it, he shares a method of helping people walk with confidence again that is normally not seen by the naked eye! This can be found at:

If you would like to learn more about transforming your gait, fall prevention and saving your retirement savings from future medical bills, his new book is a must have. But in addition he is passionate about gait and offers many free resources at his YouTube channel found here: AFOs, Foot Drop & Fall Prevention

Free resources such as YouTube allow people to meet the authors of helpful content like this and other health advocates sharing their knowledge.

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