Creative Biogene Established Plant-based Expression Systems to Support the Development of Structural Biology and Drug Development

Creative Biogene recently announced the establishment of its plant-based expression systems to support therapeutic drugs, vaccine development, diagnostics, biophysical analysis and structural biology.

New York, USA – March 21, 2022 – Creative Biogene, the scientists-founded and scientists-driven biotechnology platform focused on developing high-quality products and services, as well as proprietary technology to support the research in the field of industrial synthetic application and preclinical drug discovery. With the support of an innovative portfolio of products and a custom-service-centered business model, Creative Biogene recently announced the establishment of its plant-based expression systems to support therapeutic drugs, vaccine development, diagnostics, biophysical analysis and structural biology.

The diversity of plant production systems provides flexibility to express novel recombinant proteins, enables customization and scale-up needs, and provides opportunities for oral-based protein delivery. Creative Biogene has established a variety of plant protein expression systems to provide recombinant protein production services to customers around the world. With a state-of-the-art platform, Creative Biogene offers complete services from specific genes to purified proteins, as well as different options for protein expression systems, dedicated to accelerating customer research in the development and manufacture of therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics.

Creative Biogene can transfer procedures from Agrobacterium infiltration to protein production in as little as two weeks without the need for expensive, labor-intensive and costly cell line development. Mammalian viruses cannot grow in plants, so Creative Biogene’s plant-based production platform minimizes the risk of contamination. Creative Biogene utilizes our plant-based expression systems to provide services for the custom design, expression and purification of client proteins for a range of applications including therapeutics, vaccine development, diagnostics, biophysical analysis and structural biology. Plant-based protein expression systems promote extremely high levels and rapid production of proteins without the need for viral replication and are efficient, safe, and easy to use.

Creative Biogene has been dedicated to optimizing plant suspension cell protein expression platforms for many years, producing recombinant proteins, peptides and industrial proteins for global customers. With years of experience in plant tissue culture and protein expression, Creative Biogene provides a full range of services from codon optimization, molecular construction, plant cell transformation to protein expression and purification, and is committed to helping customers use a unique plant expression platform to manufacture complex proteins, antibodies and vaccines.

In addition, Creative Biogene has established a high-yield system for the eukaryotic expression and purification of recombinant proteins based on plant seeds, free of human, animal, or microbial contaminants. Creative Biogene provides recombinant protein and polypeptide expression services using a rice endosperm-specific expression system.

“Our services can be tailored to your specific requirements such as codon optimization, tag selection, endosperm-specific promoter selection, purification procedures,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “We insist on providing dedicated technical support to our customers worldwide, and to satisfy customers’ specific needs with customized solutions.”

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