BOC Sciences Generously Supports Oligo 2022 Oxford Conference

BOC Sciences announces its sponsorship for Oligo 2022 Oxford: Antisense & Therapeutic Nucleic Acids and will show up at the conference as an active attendee.

New York, USA – March 21, 2022 – BOC Sciences is an influential participant in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, with large-scale nucleotides, nucleosides, and phosphoramidites supplied to global researchers. In addition to consistent optimization of products and services, BOC Sciences also extensively gets engaged in many academic events for the purpose of learning industry-leading techniques. It lately decides to sponsor Oligo 2022 Oxford: Antisense & Therapeutic Nucleic Acids, a grand gathering bringing together senior & junior researchers, group leaders, company executives, and commercial suppliers.

The 8th international Oxford conference on antisense and therapeutic nucleic acids focuses on the prospects and challenges facing nucleic acid therapy (NAT) research. Experts and some reagent suppliers such as BOC Sciences will participate in several seminars carefully designed to present the newest breakthroughs or trends on the subject.

BOC Sciences, especially its sub-brand BOC RNA, has rich experience in manufacturing phosphoramidites which are universally recognized as the most crucial building blocks in DNA/RNA synthesis. To facilitate both common RNA synthesis and sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis, BOC Sciences provides a full spectrum of phosphoramidites, covering 2′-modified, UNA, dyes, quenchers, modifiers, etc.

“We now have full confidence in our production capacity and techniques to satisfy customers’ varying requirements on phosphoramidites,” a manager of BOC Sciences excitedly declares to the public, “Besides, we are also featured with superior pseudoUridine phosphoramidites, 1-methyl-pseudoUridine phosphoramidite, and their derivatives.”

If researchers have an in-depth exploration of BOC Sciences’ production workflow, they will discover that the overall procedures are completely and rigorously under GMP regulations, ensuring consistency in qualities from batch to batch. Besides, BOC Sciences can also provide custom-made services that are great aids to researchers with special needs.

There are many reasons for researchers to opt for BOC Sciences as a reliable ingredient supplier, the most persuasive of which is that BOC Sciences is always in pursuit of leading-edge information and techniques in life sciences research. Apart from Oligo 2022 Oxford, it also contributes to Aptamers 2022, another academic feast in RNA research. Despite that BOC Sciences is a commercial enterprise, it still shows active involvement in academic communication to make further improvements.


BOC Sciences is a leading (bio)chemical supplier mainly focusing on RNA techniques and reagents. It provides manifold DNA/RNA synthesis materials and corresponding supports for worldwide customers. With consistent devotion, BOC Sciences has become a prominent contributor to RNA drug research and development.

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