The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson is Going Green(er)

The Law Firm Announces Major Pro-Environment Steps Going Forward.

Largo, MD, USA – March 21, 2022 – Rowena N. Nelson announced today steps the law offices will put in place to reduce its environmental footprint and create a more sustainable workplace. Nelson called the changes “significant,”-and they are set to begin immediately. They affect a variety of practices supported by businesses throughout the state. Nelson said that along with some of the new efforts, a heavier emphasis would be placed on practices already in place.

• Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and voluntary codes of practice applicable to similar office environments.

• Prevent and/or reduce pollution stemming from activities.

• Implement sustainable waste management practices across the Firm through maximizing recycling.

• Identify key resources used by the office and implement measures that ensure resources are utilized efficiently.

• Effectively manage carbon emissions through improvement to on-premises energy efficiency.

• Reducing the environmental impact of business travel through enhanced digital communication.

Nelson said she has long been aware of what the company can do to contribute to sustainability. She now believes, given technological advancements, it is time to do more. “Sustainability is no longer a distant goal; every business must do what it can to reduce its carbon imprint,” she said. When asked how the office plans to address the issue, Nelson said, “For one thing, we’re using our cars less and computers and digital technology more.” Many offices report a reduction in waste and electricity usage during the Covid crisis. Nelson sees no reason to go back to high use now that offices are up and running more efficiently.

Paperwork in the office has been cut to a minimum, an advancement for which she credits explicitly the judicial system and its efforts to digitalize records. The law offices are looking into chlorine-free recycled paper for copiers and printers as a company. Copies will be made double-sided to save on waste. A system of saving paper used on one side for notes or other unofficial purposes will be encouraged.

Along with reducing paper, Nelson plans to move toward a “plastic-free environment.” Employees are encouraged to bring drinks in reusable thermos-type containers. It also encourages reusable cloth lunch bags to bring food from home or take bags along when purchasing lunch from outside sources. Citing the well-publicized ongoing plastic crisis, Nelson said, “Sometimes you can’t avoid it, but you can make an effort and at least take full advantage of recycling opportunities.”

The company already recycles paper and plastic. To further refine its recycling effort, it plans to set up more recycling receptacles and those already in place. The additional sorting takes full advantage of recycling opportunities in and outside the community. The practice has seen a significant waste reduction. It is currently setting up a depository for reusable file folders; it also plans to purchase used laser printer cartridges and other widely available office supplies.


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