Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Ant Removal Services In Raleigh

Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Ant Removal Services In Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina, is a great place to live. People who were born in the area tend to stay here, and reports show that about 20,000 newcomers are drawn to the area each year. This city offers something for everyone with great schools, numerous job opportunities, entertainment, dining, shopping, natural attractions, and many other features being part of the mix. 

Blending In With Nature

Of course, as is the case with virtually all cities across the nation, wildlife also calls the Raleigh area home. From squirrels and raccoons to spiders and cockroaches, plenty of pests are waiting to share people’s homes with them in one way or another. Ants are also quite common here with several species living in this portion of the country. Though most of them aren’t particularly dangerous, they’re certainly not considered welcome houseguests. 

Expert Pest Control Services For Raleigh Residents

Sustainable Pest Systems is here to help with ant infestations and any other wildlife invasions Raleigh residents may be facing. They’re committed to solving people’s pest problems as quickly and effectively as possible and offer guaranteed results. Their pest control experts are also dedicated to providing family- and pet-friendly pest control solutions.

Types of Ants In Raleigh

Various types of ants are found in Raleigh. Some of the most common are carpenter ants and little black ants. Little black ants move indoors looking for moisture or warmth, but they’re not necessarily harmful. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, can cause extensive damage to homes. 

Another type of ant found in many Raleigh homes is the odorous house ant. These insects come inside looking for sweet treats and often build nests near water sources. Indoors, they might be drawn to leaky pipes and other areas with ample moisture. Fire ants are also problematic in the local area. They can be harmful with painful stings that may cause allergic reactions.

Getting Rid Of Ants

Several methods are available for getting rid of ants in a home. Over-the-counter sprays are popular options. Keep in mind, though, they may only be minimally effective. They’re also laden with potentially harmful chemicals that aren’t safe for pets or people. Natural remedies are also an option. They’re non-toxic but need constant reapplications. That means devoting a great deal of time and effort to mixing and applying them around the home. 

Professional ant control services are another alternative. They’re more effective than store-bought sprays. They’re also more of a long-term solution than homemade remedies and don’t require as much time and attention.

Professional pest solutions also offer another advantage. Unlike sprays from the store, they can provide ant control methods that are safe for pets and children. That means they’ll eliminate the problem without posing a threat to the home. 

Sustainable Pest Systems provides award-winning service to the Raleigh area. They offer pest removal from bugs that fly or crawl to humane wildlife trapping. Contact them via for more information. 

Keeping The Home Free Of Insects

Natural beauty is one of Raleigh’s strong suits. From budding flowers in spring and fall’s colorful show of leaves to the pristine snow of winter, this area offers plenty of wonders. Watching various types of wildlife run, play, and carry on with their daily routines is also entertaining. When those creatures try to move into a home, though, they’re not quite so appealing. Fortunately, local pest control experts are available.

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