San Marcos Tree Service Experts Safely Completes Tree Trimming on 3 Prized 250-Foot Redwoods

San Marcos, California – On Monday, San Marcos Tree Service Experts helped Justin trim his 3 extremely large trees. The company managed to improve the tree’s aesthetic appeal, making them stand out positively.

“The redwoods are still growing,” said Justin. “While 250 feet may seem like too big, the trees’ mature height might reach 350 to 400 feet. The trees are trimmed annually to ensure they have the right crown shape and branch structure when they finally reach maturity. Since the redwoods will most likely be the tallest trees in the entire neighborhood, it would be a shame if people would look at the trees and shake their heads disgusted by the trees’ appearance.”

Justin noted that for the past 3 years, he has been using different tree trimming teams. None of the three teams had provided the results he was looking for.

“The San Marcos tree trimming team that worked on the trees last year left the redwoods with an imbalanced crown,” said Justin. “The team that worked on the trees in 2019 almost killed the redwoods with injuries.”

“After these series of unsuccessful tree trimming procedures,” added Justin, “the family realized that hiring random teams of tree cutting professionals in San Marcos would not work. The family decided to dig deep and find a company that offers great results. The research led us to San Marcos Tree Service Experts.”

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Justin noted the first thing that made San Marcos Tree Service Experts stand out is its years of experience. When doing his research, the homeowner realized that the company had been handling professional tree services in San Marcos for more than 25 years.

“For a company that has been working with commercial and residential property owners for more than 25 years,” said Justin, “San Marcos Tree Service Experts offered the best chance of successful redwood improvement. Reaching out to the company’s booking office provided proof that the company has real touchable experience in the tree service industry. The staff asked all the right questions and suggested a viable way of improving the redwoods.”

Although Justin had called San Marcos Tree Service Experts on Sunday, the company still came out to inspect his redwoods and provide an estimate for the project. The cost estimate was more than affordable. After agreeing with the company on the details for the tree maintenance procedure, the company promised to send a San Marcos tree trimming team the following morning.

“San Marcos Tree Service Experts showed up on the worksite with the most advanced tools,” said Justin. “Instead of using manual climbing like the previous 3 companies, the company used a bucket truck to reach the crown. Instead of relying on manual cutting tools, the company had power-cutting tools. For the redwood that stood near the house, the company used a crane to slowly bring down the cut branches, eliminating the risk of property damage.”

Justin noted that he did not expect San Marcos Tree Service Experts to complete the tree trimming project quickly. The company, however, spent only 2 hours on the 3 redwood trees.

“Unlike the previous tree trimmers,” said Justin, “San Marcos Tree Service Experts worked fast. While the family was expecting the company to work on the trees for at least 6 hours, its team of tree cutting professionals in San Marcos completed the project in 2 hours. It was fascinating to see the company work like a well-oiled machine on each tree crown. After seeing the results generated by the company, the family agreed to make San Marcos Tree Service Experts the go-to tree care company.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts’ base of operation is located at 1255 Stone Dr, San Marcos, CA 92078, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 442-280-7601 and

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