Oceanside Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Trimming on Client’s Crape Myrtles to Create Space for Enjoying Shade

Oceanside, California – On Thursday and Friday, Oceanside Tree Service Experts helped Mr. Joseph Clark turn his crape myrtles into shade trees. While the homeowner enjoyed the tree’s color display, he was not impressed with the fact that the 20-foot trees did not have enough space under their crowns to accommodate a regular-sized person looking for refuge from the hot summer sun. Using the crown lifting technique, the tree care company removed all the branches below a height of 13 feet.

“When the family purchased this property 10 years ago,” said Joseph Clark, “the kids and the wife wanted the landscape to have trees that created maximum interest. Crape myrtles seemed like good options because of their showy summer flowers, colorful fall foliage, and attractive exfoliating bark in the winter.”

“What the family did not consider, however, was the tree’s ability to provide shade,” added Joseph Clark. “The trees matured at a height of 20 feet. While anyone would argue that this height is perfect for shade, the tree’s branches were much lower than that, going as low as just 6 feet from the ground. To create room for enjoying shade under the crape myrtles, working with a team of tree cutting professionals in Oceanside was necessary.”

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Joseph Clark reportedly reached out to Oceanside Tree Service Experts after learning that the company had been offering professional tree services in Oceanside for 2.5 decades. The homeowner argued that by leveraging the company’s profound experience in tree trimming, he would achieve the desired results.

“The crape myrtles are one of the most prized ornamental features on the landscape,” said Joseph Clark. “For this reason, the family wouldn’t risk working with an inexperienced team. The death of the trees – which may have happened if the trees were trimmed by a random inexperienced team – would have taken the landscape back to square one.”

Joseph Clark contacted Oceanside Tree Service Experts to hear the ideas they had about the project. The homeowner was impressed when he learned the company was not only prepared to work on the project as soon as possible but also very experienced in dealing with crape myrtles.

“After inspecting the crape myrtles,” said Joseph Clarkson, “the company’s head of field operations noted that removing all the branches under two-thirds of the trees’ total height would fix the problem. Calculations revealed that a height of two-thirds was 13 feet. Removing all the branches under 13 feet was perfect – with the tallest human beings 6 to 8 feet, everyone would enjoy the shade under the trees after the crown lifting.”

Joseph Clark reportedly found the cost of the entire procedure more than affordable. Because the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Oceanside would be working on more than 40 trees, the homeowner felt that he had been undercharged.

“When the company started working on the crape myrtles,” said Joseph, “the family finally understood why the price was so affordable. The company knew how to work fast. While the family was expecting the project to take at least a week, Oceanside Tree Service Experts worked on the trees for two days, improving their aesthetic appeal and ensuring their branches were at a height of at least 13 feet.”

After the tree trimming procedure, Oceanside Tree Service Experts reportedly returned for the third day to clean up. The company collected all the branches removed from the crape myrtles, put them in the truck and took them to the dumpsite.

After discovering that Oceanside Tree Service Experts goes to all the necessary lengths to satisfy its customers, Joseph Clark noted that he would use the company for all tree-related procedures in the future.

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