Lighthouse Network Provides Christian Addiction Treatment Programs to Patients

Lighthouse Network, a reputable non-profit ministry that helps people living with diverse mental health challenges, provides Christian addiction treatment programs to patients.

Lighthouse Network is a Christian ministry, non-denominational and Christ-centered ministry that uses science to communicate and operationalize Biblical and divine principles. They combine science and the Bible for practical insight and value in everyday life, especially by assisting people living with a diverse range of mental challenges, or addiction in their everyday lives. Having offered services in this regard for several years, they have built a reputation as a non-profit ministry that helps people living with diverse mental health challenges, which also provides Christian addiction treatment programs to patients.

Responding to a query, Lighthouse Network’s spokesperson commented, “Struggling with any form of addiction could be a very challenging situation, and we understand how this could be emotionally and physically draining, not just for the patient, but also for their families. We understand quite much also, that medications alone cannot proffer lasting solutions, but that Christian-laced treatment programs could also go a long way to help sufferers stay free. As a result, we offer people an incredible chance to get freedom from addiction and to make a positive life transformation, by fusing their faith with our addiction recovery program”.

The Christian addiction treatment provided by the Lighthouse Network is focused on helping individuals who are struggling with: Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, LSD, Ecstasy, Rohypnols (Roofies), Ketamine (Special K), GHBS, or Club Drugs. They have put in place, a Life Change Helpline, handled by a Christian life change care guide, who would guide patients through the process of getting to live free from any type of addiction that has enveloped them, no matter how long. The Life Change Hotline is a toll-free helpline that is solely dedicated to assisting people battling with addictions in locating the finest available treatment choices that are funded by Medicare.

The spokesperson further added, “Lighthouse Network recognizes that the Bible offers spiritual truths and life management techniques, and thus uses these to help individuals suffering from addiction. This technique allows patients to understand life and feel joy and tranquility while striving to live their best lives – free of addiction. We are devoted to sharing cutting-edge research on our brain, decision-making, and addiction with you so, that we can grasp and use the rich and powerful principles revealed to us in our Creator’s Instruction Manual, The Holy Bible. We remain committed to helping people living with addiction stay free”.

The Christian addiction treatment programs facilitated by Lighthouse Network helps to influence changed lives and promotes Christian value. They use a faith-based approach to treatment and recovery, and they have grown a reputation through the years, as a Christian ministry for rehab and recovery from addiction.

About Lighthouse Network:

Lighthouse Network is a reputable non-profit ministry and guidance center for substance and mental health challenges. For any addiction challenges, Lighthouse Network provides Christian guidance and solutions for such.

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