Millionaire by Retirement: Humzah Bhayat Teaches Thousands of People How To Build Wealth Via The Cashflow College on Instagram

Social media and the internet at large is playing an integral role in connecting communities and helping people get in touch with what they require. This whole ‘new world’ is also helping millions to live their dreams by providing new knowledge to expand their opportunities to earn.

Amongst major contributors to helping people live the life of their dreams is Humzah Bhayat, CEO of  The Cash Flow College. The young CEO has built a large platform on Instagram where he shares tips, tricks and valuable information to help his followers build wealth. 

Unlike other social media accounts, Humzah shares information that is neglected by others such as deep diving into fundamental analysis which includes analyzing balance sheets, income statements & other financial data available to large institutional investors & retail investors alike.

This is what separates him for the flock as he’s not selling a lifestyle based on designer clothes & pipeline dreams, rather he is sharing methods that large financial institutions use but tailoring them to be implemented and understood by everyday people as he believes the stock market is for all to access.

For over 4 years, Humzah has been a stock trader and has been able to achieve financial freedom by applying the right knowledge. His experience provided him with enough money to fund his business whilst he studied for a degree in Medical Genetics. On a mission to help others reach the level where he is at now, Humzah dedicated himself to providing real, actionable information on his Instagram page. 

He began to share his stock market knowledge and like bees to honey, the young CEO attracted thousands of people who wanted to learn from his unique approach to the stock market. With a strong following of over 100,000 people, Humzah teaches a long term “buy undervalued & hold” style of investing alongside a “swing trading” style of options trading which works great for those with intensive day jobs and a busy schedule.

“This style of teaching cuts out on screen time so there’s no need to sit in-front of a screen all day , a practice which is commonly associated with day trading,” said the CEO. Alongside Instagram tips, Humzah has created several affordable knowledge packed courses to help give his students a broader perspective to wealth building. 

One of those courses include the Cash Flow Combo, a course which is designed to take a beginner to an experienced stock investor and options trader. The course offers extensive methods to trade options with the goal of using the profits to invest into undervalued stocks & build wealth.

Humzah’s generosity with the right information has earned him a multitude of positive reviews from his pool of followers and students. 

According to Jimmytherealtor, “All the knowledge that I learned from @cashflowog is PRICELESS. If you want the freedom to live on your own terms then at least buy the course. I have 15 minutes in the morning to trade then I’ve got to handle business. I MAXIMIZE those 15 minutes and have been consistent with returns of at least $100/day by trading options at market open. In three days last week I made over $1,400. I’m almost done paying off my car note & now paying down my debts before I get to accruing my dividend stocks which will one day replace my income. Every morning I wake up INSPIRED because I have the tools to build GENERATIONAL WEALTH! 

For more information, visit @cashflowog on Instagram & @cashflow_og on Twitter.

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