Rug Source Highlights the Factors to Consider When Choosing Runner Rugs

Rug Source Highlights the Factors to Consider When Choosing Runner Rugs
Rug Source is a leading online runner rugs store. In a recent update, the agency shared the factors to consider when choosing a runner rug.

Charlotte, NC – In a website post, Rug Source has outlined the considerations to factor in when choosing runner rugs. 

Since runner rugs are placed in areas of high traffic, it is essential to consider the rug’s material. The buyer should ensure that the rug is durable and can handle people – and pets- walking over it multiple times every day. For this reason, wool rugs remain the material of choice as they are durable, dirt-resistant, and springy. This means that no matter how many times it is walked on, a wool rug is most likely to return to its original shape.

Another thing the buyer should consider is the style of the rug. A beautiful oriental rug can add an exotic feel to any home. On the other hand, a contemporary rug will blend in with the chic furniture in the house. Or maybe for someone who wants to jazz things up with a magnificent Turkish patchwork rug to add a bit of history in the kitchen. Whether looking to buy rugs online or in person, it is an excellent idea to find the right style that reflects personality.

Runner rugs cover a large surface area, especially in hallways and staircases. So, finding the right color is significant. Think about the type of color that will reflect an individual’s personality. For instance, one may want to go for something more muted that will blend in to offer a serene and minimalist feel? Or do they prefer to create a dramatic effect with bold contrasting color?

Runner rugs Charlotte NC products come in different shapes and forms, meaning they will also have varied textures. If one is looking for a robust rug that will stand the test of time in a high-traffic zone. In this case, they might want to opt for a flat weave rug as these tend to work best when it comes to wear and tear. They are durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect addition to a hallway. Another ideal option is to create a luxurious and soft guide rug in your open floor plan? In this case, they might want to try a soft felt-ball rug. These are excellent additions to a living room area as they elicit feelings of relaxation and unwinding.

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