Licensed realtor and consultant, Joshua Goldfeder on his thriving real estate venture, Long Island Homes

It is never too late to find and pursue new passions. Long Island Homes is a completely new direction that Joshua Goldfeder has taken on after his short-lived semi-retirement.

Learning, changing, and growing are constants in everyone’s life. Most people tend to brave it out in one profession, even when it’s time to move on to something new. Joshua Goldfeder has never been afraid to explore his limitations and new potentials. Looking at his portfolio, Goldfeder has experience in project management, real estate, business strategy, branding, social media, creative design, web design, event coordination, and fundraising. His career has spanned various industries, all in a quest for personal development and exploring his new interests and passions.

Joshua Goldfeder is now a licensed realtor and consultant helping people find their dream homes through his new venture, Long Island Homes. “I help people buy and sell homes. I also represent landlords looking for tenants in both commercial and residential properties.” Long Island Homes began in 2021, bringing Goldfeder out of his short-lived semi-retirement from his e-commerce business. Since becoming a realtor, Goldfeder has helped more than 100 customers, dozens of renters and sold more than $3.5 million in the first six months of his Real Estate Business.

Always an entrepreneurial person, Joshua Goldfeder began his journey back in 2008 when he served as the President of ArcEmu (NFP). During this time, he helped the community grow from 2,300 active members to over 30,000. “We spawned an online generation of programmers and created countless international friendships.” 

Goldfeder quickly moved to own a Vape retail store in 2015 and managed to convert over 3,100 people from smoking combustible cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Goldfeder then established, where he served as CEO. The online wholesale and distribution company in New York drop shipped 75,000 unique products from more than 2,500 companies. Before semi-retiring, Goldfeder worked with more than 4000 businesses in 82 countries.

In 2020, Goldfeder sold his e-commerce business to retire. However, he quickly fell in love with real estate and came out of retirement to pursue a newfound passion. Goldfeder explains that if it wasn’t for his Uncles, Gary Ain and Dr. Bruce Goldfeder he wouldn’t have gone into the Real Estate Field. 

Thanks to Goldfeder’s extensive experience and bringing innovative solutions to the market, Long Island Homes has quickly grown. “We use AI technology to follow up with people, send them properties that meet their criteria, spend time explaining and helping people get pre-approved for a mortgage before we start looking for houses.”

His entry into the real estate space has helped broaden his scope, which is why he is dedicating his time to building Long Island Homes and looking to bring in more realtors into the company to continue his journey of taking over Long Island real estate market. The company is also expanding into completing new buildings as they have started buying rundown places, knocking them down, and reconstructing $1 million houses in their place. Goldfeder explains that the company is looking to complete at least five new homes in the coming year.

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