Aurorabase: Build an infrastructure alliance chain to promote the integrated development of the chain game industry

Every technological upgrade or innovation brings new opportunities and a wave of rookies, and blockchain technology seems to bring hope for a reshuffle to the gaming industry. Play to earn brought by Axie Infinity successfully detonated the GameFi craze and became a must-have talk in various occasions in the circle. The development of the technical system of public chains such as BTC, ETH, and EOS has attracted countless developers to enter the blockchain world, bringing powerful technical forces to this field.

The emergence of Aurorabase has re-enabled the development of technology from the perspective of users and ecology. Aurorabase is a fast, decentralized and developer-friendly layer-one infrastructure alliance chain with high concurrency, low latency, low Cost, high privacy and other characteristics, and with a decentralized structure, directly and organically link the components of the entire game ecological chain to achieve direct mapping of individual value, lossless circulation and secure storage. Aurorabase aims to empower commercial fields such as decentralized games, entertainment, consumer applications, digital collectibles, and artwork, so that every user has real digital ownership, meet the consumer needs of Generation Z, and continue to introduce truly high-quality products. Blockchain game, build an imaginative Aurorabase ecosystem!


RORA is Aurorabase’s ecological governance token, which can be used for governance, payment, and fees, with a total circulation of 1 billion. RORA not only guarantees the security of the network through mortgages, but more importantly, RORA will use 50% for ecological development, and continue to deflate through four main areas such as pledge mining, repurchase and destruction, purchase of some game props NFT, game consumption, etc. The super community consensus is 100 times the ecology and 10,000 times the value.

In terms of ecological layout, Aurorabase keeps pace with the times, empowers the development of underlying technologies, opens up and reshapes all aspects of the blockchain application layer, and is committed to creating a new system of value finance that is safe, efficient, autonomous, stable, easy to use and transparent. The platform is based on the Aurorabase infrastructure alliance chain, and carries out a series of ecological layouts, including decentralized protocols, extreme deflationary ecology, decentralized game ecology, music, sports, virtual images, NFT issuance and trading platforms in the field of collectibles, DAO community ecology. The Aurorabase infrastructure consortium chain will endow the industry with new value, and already has many heavyweight partners and large traditional IP parties to conduct business on Aurorabase, Aurorabase hopes to build a value bridge between the real world and the game world.

The Aurorabase infrastructure alliance chain has a glorious development history. Since July 2019, the team has been conceiving the original idea, creating and developing the JAVASCRIPT library, whether it is through JSON-RPC, INFURA, Etherscan, Alchemy or Metamask. Simultaneous development. In November 2020, we will build DAPP’s underlying technology accumulation and create our own technical team coding technology library. In May 2021, major world-renowned VCs will be introduced to the market, such as THE LAO, crasolum, taureon, protocol zero, etc., and a number of emerging capital will enter the market in advance. Indicates financing intention. In addition, this month, the standard interface of ERC-721-non-fungible tokens has been built and improved, and the development of NFT assets in the gamefi chain game and cross-chain bridge synchronization technology has been completed. The project will be launched in October 2021, and the official website will be released in November and the global community building will be launched. At the same time, the public chain development team will start the development of the Aurorabase public chain and obtain seed round financing from many venture capital institutions. In December, it cooperated with well-known game studios to launch the first game NomiWorld to develop and release RORA, and to carry out global community cooperation.



In 2022, Aurorabase’s infrastructure construction alliance chain has a complete future plan. In January, Aurorabase’s first smart contract was released online. Initially, the number of followers on Twitter based on BSC Aurorabase exceeded 8,000. Aurorabase launched the global market and opened the market layout in Southeast Asia, South Korea and other regions. In February, it established ecological cooperation with world-renowned IP digital collections, the first BSC smart contract was officially launched, opened the offline community drainage cooperation mechanism, and fully opened up the RORA market and user base. In March, Aurorabase will officially start the global brand upgrade and start strategic cooperation with Metaverse ecological related projects.

The number of RORA token holding addresses exceeds 20,000+, and the number of RORA token holding addresses is planned to exceed 50,000+ in April. The number of users in the group has exceeded 100,000, and the RORA offline market has fully exploded in Asia, and RORA has opened up markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Africa. In May, the Aurorabase public chain will start the internal test, and the first small game NomiWorld will also start the internal test. In June, the Aurorabase public chain version 1.0 will be launched, and the Aurorabase official NFT exchange will be launched, starting the RORA token mapping upgrade journey. In July, Aurorabase’s first small game, NomiWorld, opened its internal beta test. RORA’s official decentralized wallet was upgraded to version 2.0, and a project was established to develop Aurorabase’s official SWAP exchange. An incubator to support third-party development projects based on the Aurorabase public chain. In September, the target number of RORA currency holding addresses reached 200,000+, and the number of users of the ground community team in Asia reached 100,000+. In December, the total market value of RORA tokens will enter the top 100 in the world, and the 2.0 version of the Aurorabase public chain will be launched.

The number of Aurorabase public chain ecological projects has reached 10, with 100 developers, and the total amount of RORA tokens will be destroyed to about 500 million. In June 2023, Aurorabase will enter the top public chain goal. The number of Aurorabase public chain ecological projects will reach about 100, covering Gamefi, SocialFi and other tracks, and the total amount of RORA tokens will be destroyed to about 300 million. In 2025, RORA The total number of tokens will be destroyed to about 100 million.



Aurorabase continues to promote the construction of ecological protocols and supporting infrastructure, expand the influence of the platform, open a global, decentralized, cross-platform, high liquidity, and unified guarantee of asset value chain game ecosystem, using its own advantages to build the industry’s first. Public chain, promote the development of the global blockchain industry!

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