RAY OF SMILE: Providing tooth whitening products for a bright white smile

RAY OF SMILE is a brand whose primary aim is to brighten smiles and boost confidence in people with quick, easy, at home solutions.

Cosmetic dentistry has been on the rise as many people try to reclaim their bright white smiles. Unfortunately, this is an option that is not accessible to all due to the cost implications. RAY OF SMILE is a brand that is helping people achieve their most attractive white smile without having to break their banks. Teeth-whitening strips are now a much welcome solution that is helping people smile wider.

Ray of Smile was founded by a multiple award-winning film director and producer. He understands the importance of an attractive appearance for people in the entertainment industry. Teeth discoloration is a huge deal for celebrities, and that is why they work very hard to achieve the famous Hollywood smile. With celebrities showcasing their brightest white smile, the public also took an interest and a demand for teeth whitening solutions increased. Ray of Smile was established to make these solutions available for all. The brand provides teeth whitening strips that are designed for quick, easy, and at-home teeth whitening. The white-strips are the strongest in the market, so much so that they remove up to ten shades of teeth discoloration while being gentle and killing bacteria.

Since its 2013 launch, RAY OF SMILE has helped brighten more than 5million teeth and restored many beautiful smiles. The strips are uniquely designed with enhanced active ingredient formula, which kills harmful bacteria and whitens teeth, giving people their brightest smiles yet. The Ray of Smile strips’ appeal is that they are easy to use, quick, efficient, and recommended by dentists. They have also been given a badge of approval by users comparing them to Crest Whitestrips and saying the Ray of Smile strips are the most superior strips. Ray of Smile also provides Hydrogen peroxide and peroxide-free teeth whitening strips. “Lovely Smile strips even work for those who regularly smoke and drink coffee, red wine, or tea.” Ray of Smile also guarantees that users begin to see results after the first application. “Most people see amazing results in as little as 30-60 minutes! Final result visible in 14 days.”

The convenience of the Ray of Smile teeth whitening strips extends to their portability and long-lasting results. They are barely visible and can be used anywhere at any time. The design utilizes revolutionary no-slip technology, unlike many whitening brands where the gel spreads all over the mouth. “You can do popular activities during the procedure, on the beach, walking the dog, at the gym, at work, bungee jumping, etc. You can talk and drink water during the procedure. You do what you do, live your life, we take care of your smile.”

The unique design and function of the Ray of Smile whitening strips make them the best gift items. The gift of a smile is bound to brighten the recipient’s day and boost their confidence. Ray of Smile also answers the most pressing questions that many people have about teeth whitening, methods, strips, and how the brand operates. People can place orders on whitening strips on the website; shipping information is provided on the site.

Ray of Smile has been shining the brightest a ray of hope on people by restoring their bright white smiles. The brand is redefining teeth whitening by giving people the safest whitening solution on enamel, dentist formulated teeth whitening strips that utilize 100% safe and sustainable ingredients.

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