Carnival Sabrina Discovers Her Aha Moment Through Serendipity

Carnival Sabrina shares a fantastic discovery she made about herself, which is nothing less than a thriller story.

UNITED STATES – Our lives are filled with extraordinary moments, chances taken, and pleasant surprises. But most of the time we fail to recognize them when they occur. But once in a while, we are presented with a moment so breathtaking that we can’t help but be aware of the gift we have just been given. And this is exactly what happened with Carnival Sabrina, an international masquerader who travels to carnivals around with world. Her mission is to promote Caribbean cultural art, food, health, and carnival.

As luck would have it, Carnival Sabrina recently took a DNA genetic test. And what she discovered was nothing less than extraordinary. Through the DNA test, she found out that she had a Caribbean background and her ancestors were from Barbados, the Caribbean.

“After I got my DNA test done, I was pleasantly surprised to know that my bloodline traces back to Barbados,” says Sabrina. “This happened 10 years after I discovered Caribbean carnival. It’s funny because I have been playing Mas since 2014 and have always been attracted to Carnivals.”

Carnival Sabrina is a dynamic and multi-talented personality who enjoys doing multiple things and is brilliant at managing them all with a finesse of a magician. She is an entrepreneur, traveler, fashion designer, YouTuber, and positive influencer. She recently worked with DJ Battlecat at a local cultural event.

Carnival Sabrina has traveled to Trinidad, Jamaica, New York, Miami, FL, San Francisco, CA, Oakland, CA and Hollywood, CA Carnival. She started traveling in 2014 and has been a regular at major carnivals across the USA.

Due to the travel restrictions in the recent pandemic, she was forced to stay back home. However, as restrictions are being lifted this year since the pandemic has slightly subsided, Sabrina plans to pick up on traveling again. Her upcoming trips include visits to Notting hill, Toronto, and Atlanta Carnival.

On the work front, Carnival Sabrina has her own brand of clothing line. She started in 2015 designing in her home. In 2019 she designed her own costume. Taking glamor and the woman’s natural curves, Sabrina designs her clothing to accent the woman.

“I want women to become confident about the choices in their life,” notes Sabrina. “They need to overcome their mental roadblocks and work towards reaching the goals that they have set out for themselves. Our brand reflects the new-age woman who is fearless and knows what she wants. Our clothing line is designed to make you look and feel your best, and to bring out the best in you.”

Head over to Sabrina’s online shop to check out her chic collection:

Fashionistas will appreciate the collection for its authenticity and relatability. Sabrina has made extensive use of her creativity and life experience in putting together a clothing line that speaks to her followers.

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