Redefining what’s possible for brand designers through For Designers. For You.

For Designers. For You. Is teaching brand designers how to scale and grow their business by redefining the possible.

For Designers. For You. teaches brand designers to craft winning brand design strategies to grow their businesses and serve customers better, unlocking unending possibilities in design. For Designers. For You. focuses on teaching brand designers the importance of being innovative to deliver growth-charged solutions for their customers.

For Designers. For You. offers a suite of high-quality educational information to brand designers. There, designers can find courses and resources to help master holistic branding and grow their businesses. Typically, designers understand the value of a brand investing in their design; however, most hit a hard wall if they can’t convince clients of this need. For Designers. For You. shows designers how to break through this wall to grow their businesses and help their clients scale their brand design.

According to Liz, founder of the educational platform for designers, For Designers. For You. and co-founder of a design studio, Highlo Designs, “your brand is not just your logo. It is so much more. It’s about connecting consumers with your business through every touchpoint.” 

As a brand designer and business owner herself, Liz understands the importance of brand design and how designers can leverage the growing market to thrive. When Highlo Designs first began, they would design 300-dollar logos but have since scaled to five-figure brand design packages. For Designers. For You. affirms that designers can scale their brand design businesses through deep-rooted strategy.

More importantly, the strategies that For Designers. For You. teaches are proven to work as Liz teaches from personal experience. For Designers. For You. works with clients, taking them through the intricacies of brand design and helping them understand that it is possible to redefine their space and thrive as businesses. “We bring a dynamic skill set to each project. From strategic thinking to creative solutions to flawless implementation, we have the unique ability to simplify and focus on what really matters to each of our clients and their branding and design needs to exceed expectations.” For Designers. For You. teaches designers to apply this approach in their businesses too.

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