Wichita Tree Service Pros Lauded for Adjusting Tree Removal Procedure to Meet Client’s Needs


Wichita, Kansas – When Brad Kleckner hired Wichita Tree Service Pros, he was not sure what to expect from the company. The property owner, however, reported that the company delivered better results than he had expected – the Wichita tree removal team completed his tree removal procedure safely, and cleaned the backyard. What’s more, the company was more than willing to make last-minute changes to ensure all the client’s needs were met.


“When the family contacted Wichita Tree Service Pros for the first time,” said Brad Klecker, “the goal was to remove a tree standing on the front yard to create space for a car shed. However, with the Wichita tree removal team set to arrive on the landscape the next day, the wife pointed out that removing the tree on the front yard would drastically affect the appearance of the property. She said that it would be better if the team removed the tree in the backyard.”

When his wife suggested removing a different tree, Brad Klecker was not sure whether the Wichita tree removal team would be willing to make the necessary changes. However, he decided to pitch the idea to the professionals in the morning.

“One thing the family knew is that removing the tree in the backyard would be harder,” said Brad Klecker. “The tree was closer to the house and a powerline passed just behind it. The only benefit when it came to removing the backyard tree was that the team of tree cutting professionals in Wichita would have a clear path to the tree – this is the same path the cars will use when the car shed is ready.”

To learn more about Wichita Tree Service Pros, visit the company’s website: https://www.treeserviceswichita.com/.

When Brad Klecker pitched his idea to Wichita Tree Service Pros, he was surprised when the team did not argue. Instead, the company just inspected the tree and created a plan that would help them bring down the tree safely.

“Although the tree was bigger, riskier to work on, and needed more effort,” said Brad Klecker, “the company increased the tree removal price just slightly. The team worked hard, cutting the tree down one foot at a time from the top. Watching the company work was amazing. When they were done, they ground the stump and collected the waste generated by the procedure. They left the backyard ready for the new car shed.”

A group of reporters decided to contact the Wichita Tree Service Pros CEO to understand how he handles abrupt changes made by homeowners.

“This is something that has happened severally in the years the company has been in business,” the CEO told the reporters. “However, it is not just homeowners who often change the requested tree service procedures in Wichita. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Wichita does make changes too.”

“For instance, if a homeowner calls and requests the removal of a diseased tree, the company does not always remove the tree,” added the CEO. “If the company’s arborist inspects the tree and determines that it can be treated, the company changes the tree service procedure from tree removal to tree pruning. Tree pruning, in this case, helps the company eliminate infected branches, giving the tree a chance to fight the disease and heal. For this reason, when clients make adjustments to tree maintenance procedures, the company is always willing to work with those adjustments.”

The CEO noted that for the past 2.5 decades, Wichita Tree Service Pros has been handling a wide range of tree maintenance procedures for its customers in Wichita and neighboring regions. Some of the neighboring regions the company has worked in include Maize, Bel Aire, North Newton, Derby, Valley Center, Andover, and Goddard.

Wichita Tree Service Pros operates from its base at 7227 W Harry St, Wichita, KS 67209, United States. The company, however, allows tree owners to book tree services via +1 316-799-3555 and sales@treeserviceswichita.com

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