INMOGR Develops New App, Ammerny, Where Muslims Can Perform Hajj and Umrah on Behalf of Others

With Ammerny, users can perform Hajj and Umrah on behalf of dead, disabled, or sick Muslims at a much cheaper rate and also monitor the rituals through realtime tracking on a mobile app.

Good news for all Muslims, INMOGR has today announced the launch of Ammerny, a mobile app that allows users to perform Hajj and Umrah on behalf of friends and loved ones within certain circumstances. Ammerny runs as a nonprofit organization. All fees received for its Hajj and Umrah services are used to assist less privileged people in Makkah

The team at INMOGR expressed delight at the opportunity to develop an app like Ammerny which provides immense value to Muslims. Thanks to the quality of its service and relative affordability, the Dubai-based IT and business solutions company has amassed a long list of happy clients. These include Noumena (USA), FRED (Australia), AM Bank (Malaysia), and Ammerny (Saudi Arabia) among others. According to a team member, INMOGR is ecstatic to have Ammerny in its portfolio. In the last five years, the IT and business solutions company has carved a niche for itself in the digital market. The company’s services include mobile app development, web application development, API development, Software Design, Business Consultation, and more.

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Despite Islam permitting Hajj and Umrah to be performed on behalf of dead, disabled, or sick Muslims, a lot of people within this class have struggled to undertake these rites. Some of the most prominent challenges include finding eligible individuals to perform these rites on behalf of them and secondly, the financial burden that is involved. The new Ammerny app effectively solves these problems. Not only is the team at Ammerny authorized to perform Umrah on behalf of absent Muslims, but the platform also offers some of the fastest and cheapest Hajj and Umrah services on the market.  Through the app, users can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The service runs 24/7, enables real-time tracking, and at the end of the ritual, users can have access to videos and pictures from their Hajj and Umrah. For Muslim families who have lost their loved ones due to COVID, Ammerny will give them the perfect opportunity to undertake the Hajj and Umrah rituals. This allows them to enjoy the ceremony even though they were absent.

Ammerny operates primarily from its mobile app and website,

Ammerny is perceived by many as a positive addition to the Muslim community on several fronts. In addition to allowing Muslims to undertake the Hajj and Umrah rites, users also have an opportunity to earn some passive income through its ambassador program. Users can qualify for cashback rewards by using and sharing Ammerny’s services on social media. The ambassador program also gives users an opportunity to receive Hajj and Umrah for free once certain conditions are met.

“Umrah on Behalf” has become increasingly popular over time. More Muslims have discovered that death, physical disability, and sickness do not necessarily have to prevent them from receiving these rites and they are grateful for it. Service providers like Ammerny have taken it upon themselves to ease the process on fellow Muslims.

The Ammerny app is available for free download on Google Store or App Store.

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