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An online pet accessory store has agreed with the results of a new survey to find the best place to walk a dog.

Fancy Pet (https://fancypet.shop/) which is one of the most recommended online pet accessory stores has agreed with a recent survey to find the best place to walk a dog. The survey took place to find which city provides the best dog walking experience, and the results of the survey found that Portland, Ore is the best city for dog walking.

The online store that sells lots of quality pet accessories at the lowest prices including dog walking accessories (https://fancypet.shop/dog-walking/) has said they are not surprised by the results.

A spokesman for Fancy Pet who recently challenged Amazon to match their low prices said: “We are not surprised that Portland, Ore is the best city to walk a dog. It provides everything a dog owner would want.”

The spokesman went on to mention that walking a dog is not just good for the dog’s health and wellbeing but can also be good for the owner. It is a known fact that walking a dog can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health as well as physical health. However, it is important when taking a dog out for a walk that the dog owner has everything they need to keep the dog happy. That includes easy access to water.

The Portable Pet Water Bottle (https://fancypet.shop/portable-pet-water-bottle/) is a great accessory to have when taking a dog for a walk. It is priced at just $23.99 and allows the dog owner to easily carry water. By purchasing this pet accessory, owners don’t have to worry about struggling to find a water resource for their dogs.

Another important pet accessory to have when walking a dog is a Poop Bags Dispenser (https://fancypet.shop/poop-bags-dispenser/) which is priced at just $15.99.

Here are the top ten cities for best dog walking:

1. Portland, Ore.

2. San Francisco

3. Oakland, Calif.

4. Las Vegas

5. Boise, Idaho

6. Los Angeles

7. New York

8. Washington

9. Colorado Springs, Colo.

10. Jersey City, N.J.

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