‘Andre’s Armor’ Celebrates Diversity in Medicine Through Fantasy Children’s Book

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. – Dr. Mohamed “Mo” Jalloh, a board-certified clinical pharmacist and assistant professor of clinical sciences at Touro University California, is pleased to announce his first children’s picture book release with Andre’s Armor.

In this self-published debut, Dr. Mo brings medicine into the world of fantasy as readers follow Andre on his journey to learning about the benefits of getting vaccinated against harmful “germ monsters.”

Andre’s story begins in the waiting room at a doctor’s office, with a scared young boy who doesn’t want to get his shots. While waiting, Andre plays a video game in which a knight fights against monsters, and he soon discovers that viruses aren’t so different from the evil monsters in his game. With the help of his mother and a kind physician, Andre learns that vaccines help his body fight off diseases the same way a knight protects his kingdom from monsters.

By explaining modern medicine to children in simple, easy-to-understand metaphors, Andre’s Andre’s Armor is the perfect book to help parents prepare their children for their regular visits to the doctor’s office or before they visit their local pharmacy. The picture book also features diverse characters, including a black female physician, whom Andre visits to get his shots.

Dr. Mo has dedicated his life to learning and teaching others about the medical field. With his writing, Dr. Mo’s goal is to show children the power of medicine through diverse characters and relatable metaphors. He is passionate about promoting diversity in the medical profession and hopes to inspire his readers, especially those in the black community, to pursue an education and career in healthcare.

Andre’s Armor is available for purchase now on Amazon and is suitable for children aged 0-8 years old. Also, Andre’s Armor is available at a discount if organizations are looking to purchase in bulk to help educate their community of children before this upcoming cold/flu season.

To learn more about Dr. Mohamed Jalloh, read his 2021 op-ed article for CNN about the important role local pharmacists have played in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Please also visit https://www.andresarmor.com/

About Dr. Mohamed Jalloh

Dr. Mohamed Jalloh (@DrMohamedRx) is a board-certified clinical pharmacist, assistant professor of clinical science at Touro University California and a guest lecturer at Stanford University School of Medicine. His first children’s book, Andre’s Armor, was self-published in November 2021. He aspires to promote diversity in medicine and bring children a better understanding of how the medical field positively impacts their lives.

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