Tree Service Experts San Bernardino Connects Property Owner with An Affordable Tree Nursery After Removing 30 Dead Trees


San Bernardino, California – Tree Service Experts San Bernardino spent the whole of last week removing dead soapberry trees from Jill Montana’s landscape. The trees were killed by the soapberry borer.


The pest had attacked the trees without the homeowner’s knowledge – by the time Jill Montana realized that his trees were suffering from a pest infestation, the trees were almost dead. To help Jill restore his shade trees as soon as possible, Tree Service Experts San Bernardino connected him with an affordable tree nursery.

“The soapberry borer is a nasty pest,” said Jill Montana. “It is like the pest knows how to hide in plain sight. After being on the trees for only a short period, the pest has cost this landscape 30 trees.”

Montana noted that his tree removal project was more complicated because the soapberry trees stood very close to his important utilities. For this reason, when looking for a tree removal company in San Bernardino, he had to carefully analyze each company – the goal of doing this was to avoid property damage.

“Tree Service Experts San Bernardino stood out because of its 2.5 decades of experience,” said Jill Montana. “To go with this experience, the company had managed to acquire hundreds of testimonials from homeowners who were impressed by its professional tree services in San Bernardino.”

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Montana noted that the call he made to Tree Service Experts San Bernardino was part of his company testing process. The homeowner believed a company capable of removing the soapberry trees safely would also have a booking office that wouldn’t let customer calls go to voicemail. Tree Service Experts San Bernardino reportedly surprised Jill Montana when they answered his phone call in the first ring.

“After getting details about the tree removal project,” said Jill, “the company sent a professional to assess the trees. The cost estimate was much lower than what the family had expected – it fell below the tree removal budget by about 36%.”

Tree Service Experts San Bernardino started the tree removal procedure on Monday at around 11 am. The company reportedly removed 2 trees on the first day. For the next 4 days, however, the company arrived early and worked for 10 hours each day. Removing 7 trees every single day, the company removed the remaining 28 trees in 4 days, completing the tree removal procedure on Friday.

“Tree Service Experts San Bernardino was extremely serious in helping the family with tree replacement,” said Jill Montana. “After bringing each soapberry tree down, the company spent its time on complete stump removal. Pulling the stumps out together with their roots, the company left the landscape ready for tree replanting.”

Tree Service Experts San Bernardino did not leave Montana’s landscape with all the mess created by the tree removal procedures. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in San Bernardino went ahead and cleaned Montana’s home, taking the soapberry trees, their branches, leaves, stumps, and sawdust to the dumpsite.

“Tree replacement is not cheap,” said the Tree Service Experts San Bernardino CEO. “In San Bernardino – and neighborhoods like Loma Linda, Chino Hills, Redlands, Mentone, Upland, and South Pointe – a planting tree can cost as much as $65 to $100. However, with a good supplier, a homeowner can spend under $10 for a tree. This is why the company had to help Jill discover a good tree nursery.”

Tree Service Experts San Bernardino’s base of operation is located at 1264 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408, United States. Tree owners can reach the company via +1 909-330-1592 and

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