Exclusive Britano Kitchen Knife Kickstarter Campaign Launch is Just Around the Corner

World’s first kitchen knife inspired by the laws of physics

March 24, 2022 – The premium kitchen knife brand Britano declares the launch of the Kickstarter campaign in 2022, which introduces its collection of high-quality kitchen knives to the culinary world. Britano products are synonymous with state-of-the-art designs and the use of first-class materials. It is also the world’s only kitchen knife manufactured, adhering to laws of physics to enhance efficiency.

It is no doubt that an affordable chef-grade kitchen knife kit is every cook’s dream. After spending years experimenting with different knife designs, Britano has developed the ultimate kitchen knife that slashes through any tough vegetable or meat as if it was nothing but butter. The Britano’s patent pending collection features a chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife, and paring knife, all manufactured using 67-layer Japanese Damascus steel for the blade. The quality of the material and the unique 36 to 40-degree angle added at the tip of the knife transform an ordinary kitchen knife into a high-quality ‘cutting machine’ that can be used with minimum effort. The knife’s performance is optimized by conforming to Newton’s First Law of Motion; it utilizes the air around the tip creating a supporting force to the downward force applied by the user’s hand.

Britano promises to offer an unparalleled cutting experience to passionate cooks. The ultra-comfortable and stylish handle efficiently converts the force exerted on it to the razor sharp Damascus steel blad, creating precise cuts each time. Slicing, dicing, mincing, Chiffonading delicate vegetables and herbs, and cutting meat with a Britano knife alone is an experience; it alleviates the strain off the cook’s wrist and offers perfect cuts in just minutes. The magnificent design element on the sturdy blade adds to the allure of the knife. Each product sold is packaged beautifully, making this the perfect gift for an avid home cook during the holiday season or on a special day. Britano offers the best value for money when considering its superior affordability.

For more information on Britano’s exclusive Kickstarter launch and product details, visit www.britano.co.uk.

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