Is Raising A Vegan Family Really That Expensive?

Is Raising A Vegan Family Really That Expensive?
Surviving Vegan Dispels Myths Regarding Raising A Black Vegan Family:

The family-run wellness company encourages Black people to reconnect with their spirituality by changing their lifestyles which begins with the adoption of a healthy plant-based diet

Surviving Vegan has released  tips and information on the adoption of a plant-based diet and also dispelled many rumours currently circulating, regarding the alleged difficulties in raising a Black vegan family.

The family-run business educates their 1M+ community and their 1M+ followers across social media platforms about the impact of eating S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), a diet which contains harmful substances affecting the mental, spiritual, and emotional integrity of citizens. Surviving Vegan is most popular for connecting our culture’s food to lack of emotional intelligence, poor decision-making, violence, and complicated health issues.

According to Surviving Vegan, it is becoming increasingly important for people of color to read the labels of foods and products they let into their bodies. From the obvious products like hair relaxers that contain harmful chemicals to the not so obvious products like fluoride in toothpaste, deodorants and gas station candy, that leave chemical deposits which eventually build blood disorders in the long run.

“The Black Community has experienced cycles of repetitive actions with the same results. It is time for this generation to usher in new lifestyles and practices for us to see a change in the earth. We have to treat ourselves better. Examining our eating habits, displays we do not show our bodies love. The treatment of animals is also an extension of self. Vegan for self first to save self, earth, animals.” – Co-Founders I Am Surviving Vegan, Orisha Oshun & Grizzy Tha God. 

While there is a general belief that maintaining a plant-based diet is expensive and incredibly tedious, Surviving Vegan has dispelled rumours by educating the community on inexpensive grocery shopping lists. Vegan foods like imitation meats and prepackaged foods are more expensive than freshly grown products.

In addition, the company has also issued tips and strategies to guide families making the transition into a purely plant-based diet.

“The main issue with going vegan is developing the discipline to stick to it. Discipline can only be nurtured when there is a harmony of mind and soul. As such, the most important part of this journey is for parents and guardians to ensure everyone in their household understands and appreciates the advantages, so they can find it easier to make the necessary sacrifices.” – Co-Founder I Am Surviving Vegan, Orisha Oshun.  

Surviving Vegan offers a threefold approach to making the process easier which are;

  1. Remain confident despite the questions or discouragement that will certainly emerge from friends and family.

  2. Taking full responsibility by actively researching natural, inexpensive foods, recipes, products, etc..

  3. Understanding that the wellness journey is not a sprint but a marathon. There is no defined formula for how to raise a vegan family, but the small steps always go a long way.

For those currently in the process of transitioning their families to veganism, Surviving Vegan warns  parents to expect some resistance and difficulties with teenagers more than children under 12. However, Surviving Vegan advises that such children should be slowly eased into the lifestyle, and recommends that parents attach rewards and presents to make the transition fun and exciting for them.

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Surviving Vegan is a health and wellness company created to challenge individuals to see the connection between food, thoughts, and emotions. The company’s vision is to make vegans, plant-based, and health-conscious people feel luxurious and triumphant, as they transition to this new lifestyle. And it achieves this through healthy media content, detox programs, the Surviving Vegan Academy, vegan eating guides, and cookbooks.

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