Influence Magazine Launches with Spotlight Feature on Washington DC\’s Favorite Baker

Influence Magazine, a fresh new online weekly launched this week. The online publication gives entrepreneurs and business leaders a dynamic new source of inspiration. Influence promises to deliver personal perspectives on Business, Balance, Bottom Line and Brilliance all in a bite sized, quick to read format. Each issue will feature a North American Business Influencer. The first Spotlight shines on Danielle Poux, Washington, DC\’s favorite baker.

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Influence, a visually bold and dynamic new online B2B magazine made its debut today. The focus of Influence is to highlight entrepreneurs and business leaders who stand out from the crowd. 

The launch edition of Influence features Danielle Poux, a leading Washington, DC entrepreneur with an avid following in the Capital. Poux left a highly successful Human Resources position to follow her dream of opening a bakery featuring Southern style desserts true to her own recipes. The result has been a thriving success story and an inspired Spotlight feature for Influence’s inaugural issue. 

According to Influence Publisher/Editor, Sharon Ricci, her hip, upstart magazine has one goal, “To have fun by introducing the most passionate, interesting and inspiring people in business to each other. To shrink the business world by introducing amazing entrepreneurs from City A to people in City B and vice versa many times over. I believe there’s an unlimited supply of business leaders who have amazing stories, insight and lessons to share and as an audience, when we hear them, we all come away stronger.”

Where did the inspiration for Influence magazine come from? It all starts in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Ricci was the youngest of three daughters in a family solely supported her father’s sole proprietor heavy equipment business. Ricci watched her father build the small business and handle every aspect of it over decades, experiencing both the successful and stressful times. 

The experience left her with a deep respect for small business and a passion for the people with the focus, the drive and the sheer stubbornness to keep them going. Ricci is often heard championing small businesses saying, “Small business really is what’s driving our economies and it’s those economies that support our families, our kids and our communities. Behind every small business there’s a story, a hard working man or woman, and the people who count on them. They make jobs, they build stronger communities and now they’re going to share their story and be on the cover of a magazine!”

As an entrepreneur herself and an owner of a small advertising agency and now a magazine, Ricci knows running a small business can be isolating. That’s why one of the magazine’s core commitments is to bring like minded people together, to keep them going and cheer them on, sharing their knowledge, lessons and inspiration. 

Ricci says, “We want Influence to pop into someone’s inbox just at the moment when they’re thinking that running a startup or any business is too lonely, or too hard…and maybe they’re thinking the blue vest job at Wal-Mart is starting to look good…Influence will be there, cheering them on, reminding them that they can do this and that it’s worthwhile. That they are in great company and they can do it!”

The Launch Issue of Influence has received strong early reviews and is poised to quickly grow its subscription list. A list of dynamic entrepreneurs wanting to be featured in future Influence issues is also growing. Editor Ricci looks forward to introducing inspiring, dynamic and out of the box entrepreneurs to her readership. Entrepreneurs and business leaders who believe they have what it takes to Get Featured on a future issue of Influence are invited to contact the Editor. 

Subscriptions to Influence magazine are free and available at ( 

About Influence magazine
Influence Magazine is an online magazine focused on entrepreneurs as people and inspirations. It was launched in April 2013 by its Publisher/Editor Sharon Ricci. Influence is a North American publication with regional issues under development. Influence offices can be found in Hamilton, Ontario and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information visit or email

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