Khubii: The Rising International Talent Portal Helping Extraordinary Artists Attract Global Opportunities

Khubii: The Rising International Talent Portal Helping Extraordinary Artists Attract Global Opportunities

The rising talent portal, Khubii empowers artists all over the globe with a platform that allows them to showcase their skills to the global audience and attract global opportunities.

During the upsurge of the coronavirus pandemic and the onset of lockdowns globally, many people began revisiting their artistic abilities. While some freelancers suffered due to limited or even no work opportunities, some people understood that it was high time to turn their vocation into a profession because life is short. Such a growing trend of focusing on one’s artistic capabilities to earn has led to the emergence of new-generation talent portals like Khubii.

Khubii is an online platform, a website, that gives talented people with artistic capabilities a space to showcase their “Talent” or “Khubii”, share a digital portfolio, network with dedicated audience and connect to global possibilities. It is a global destination that values creativity, virtuosity, techniques, and uniqueness. And, a movement for supporting true talent and promoting the extraordinary in our ordinary lives.

The main objective of the “Khubii” platform is to spot thy light. Basically, it is a social platform that promotes any form of art. From cooking to acting, gardening to sketching, singer to dancing, or painters to designers, this platform offers a space of consciousness to artists from all spheres of life. This platform support both individuals and businesses, new brands who want to expand their market and portfolio can also join and the platform will help them increasing their clients.

Khubii is a platform for the global audience wherein anyone can log in and hire a talent. All one has to do is log in with their details or credentials, set up their display picture, and upload their artwork such as their skills, videos, sound or work experience to get started. Thus, helping artists with true potential to digitize their portfolio instantaneously and also helping freelancers to get hired globally.

Freelancers from all walks of life can expect to get hired globally with the help of this platform. The platform offers a separate chatbot where the website users can interact with people at the global level, connect or exchange ideas, and work.

Artists from all across the globe can showcase their “Khubii” at this rising International social media platform. From Forbes published photographers of Africa to Iranian singers, Arabic musicians to Indian actors, Celebrity Chef, Painters from India, Poland, Dubai, Russia, any form of art has value and holds a significant place in this platform. As the website supports art, artists, and brands worldwide.

Khubii also does marketing for its users including for brands. While the platform offers absolutely free-of-cost services to its individual users, it has different packages available for brands. The rates of these packages are also not overboard but very economical.

No matter what talent one has been blessed with, Khubii is one platform where they can unleash it all out and make a living out of it.

Khubii was an idea that got its wings back in the year 2020. The website only began its operations recently on Christmas 2021. The founders of this platform are Shrestha Ganguly, Fagun G, Jyoti Kalra Gandhi, and Krishan Gandhi. The response that this platform has received has been good so far. We are sure this platform will have a lot in store for artists in the upcoming years indeed.

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