Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Lauded for Safely Completing a Risky Dead Tree Removal Procedure


Santa Ana, California – A top-rated tree removal company in Santa Ana, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana has earned the respect of a new client after bringing down a dead tree standing in an overly risky position. The 70-foot-tall cedar tree was standing between Luke Amira’s main house and storage house. According to the homeowner, even the slightest mistake during the tree removal procedure could have led to significant property damage. The company’s Santa Ana tree removal team, however, made the right plans, ensuring the tree and tree stump were removed safely. 


“The cedar tree died last week,” said Luke Amira when narrating his experience with Tree Service Experts Santa Ana to reporters. “The tree’s death was a result of a disease whose symptoms the family had missed.”

“The family contacted Tree Service Experts Santa Ana on Friday for help with the tree’s removal,” added Luke. “The goal of investing in tree removal was to keep the tree from turning into a hazard. Also, since the tree was not offering any benefit, the family wanted to replace it with a new, healthy tree.”

According to Luke, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana sent a professional less than an hour after his call. The professional assessed the tree and provided a quotation. The homeowner was impressed with the company’s pricing options since he could easily afford to finance the tree removal procedure. 

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“After learning that the family would not struggle to pay for the tree removal procedure,” added Luke, “the family gave the company’s Santa Ana tree removal team a go-ahead. The company arrived this morning and removed the tree without harming any part of the property. The company’s team of qualified professionals in Santa Ana planned the tree removal and stump removal carefully, ensuring zero damage to the home.” 

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana is known for more than just removing small and big trees. The company also handles tree care procedures that help with saving trees from pests and diseases in Santa Ana. 

“Tree Service Experts Santa Ana was established to protect this city’s urban forest,” said the company’s CEO. “For this reason, the company tries its best to reduce tree removals. Tree removal only becomes an ideal solution when there are no other ways of saving a tree. For example, if a tree is dead, irreversibly damaged, threatening to fall, is blocking a property development project, or is causing property damage with its roots, tree removal has to be used to increase safety, allow property development, or eliminate property repair costs.” 

“If Luke Amira had noticed symptoms of illness on his cedar tree early enough,” added the company’s CEO, “the Santa Ana tree pruning team would have helped him save the tree. The team of tree cutting professionals in Santa Ana would have removed the infected branches, keeping the disease from spreading throughout the tree – this would have given the tree a chance to recover. However, the fact that the tree was dead by the time the company arrived on Amira’s landscape meant the team had to bring it down. After removing the tree, the team removed the stump together with the roots and cleared the entire space in preparation for a new tree planting procedure. The company is happy to see the homeowner is not planning to keep the space open. Replacing the dead trees helps this city keep its urban forest from diminishing.” 

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana office is located at 1217 E Wakeham Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States. Customers, however, can contact the company via +1 657-332-0999 and

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