Author G. Eric Miles digs deep into America’s challenges over six decades in “Our Journey: The Life and Times of You and Me as Seen Through the Eyes of Me to You”

Miles brings a concise dissection of America’s past in his book, highlighting how it helps shed light on the origins of the horrors of the present time.

Author G. Eric Miles dives deep into the mentality and belief paradigms that have brought about an inequity throughout the United States’ history in his book “Our Journey: The Life and Times of You and Me as Seen Through the Eyes of Me to You,” now available in leading digital bookstores globally.

Supported by thought-provoking poetry and commentary exemplified by the author’s experience in the world, “Our Journey” puts a spotlight on America’s progress or the lack of it, covering about six decades of experience in the book. 

“The poetry highlights the reality that the only thing to progress in the last sixty years is technology. Humankind has remained stagnant in the fog of distraction and complacency. Revealing this complacent mindset is the primary objective of the book while emphasizing the solution can be as simple as changing your mind,” writes Miles. 

The author discusses how America, as a nation, has followed a false narrative created for control and compliance – something that is based on ignorance and fear. It is, in itself, the anchor of the book’s mission, which is to lay bare such a complacent mindset. 

Miles stressed that the collection of poetry looks into the so-called matrix “people are born into and how it incorporates into a life and world that is not entirely ours…and in fact, is not ‘ours’ at all.”

“Our Journey: The Life and Times of You and Me as Seen Through the Eyes of Me to You” brings to the fore issues that challenge everything people have been taught about themselves as well as the potential within their grasp.

Born and raised in America’s Capitol, Miles was already exposed to issues about democracy, politics, and diplomacy at a young age. This made him realize how big the world is and saw the need to explore more and discover. 

Miles’ immense education and travel at the height of the United States’ turbulent social and radical reforms helped him provide a unique perspective on the development changes. His experiences with the civil rights era and the changing social perspectives that developed formed the basis for his poetry and viewpoint on life and his stance on many issues, including America’s mission to bring issues on equality to the mainstream. 

Those who want to grab a copy of Our Journey: The Life and Times of You and Me as Seen Through the Eyes of Me to You may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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