Snoop Dogg to be the first token-holder for ORBIS86 and will be airdropped a unique lookalike Orbison

Snoop Dogg to be the first token-holder for ORBIS86 and will be airdropped a unique lookalike Orbison

“Snoop Dogg with Orbis86 Founder and CEO, Soniya Ahuja”
Orbis86 is a collection of 8686 Orbisons, ready to debut in April. The exquisite artwork was praised by Snoop Dogg who will become the first token holder of Orbis86 NFT collection.

ORBIS86, an exclusive collection of limited-edition NFTs in the metaverse, was one of the sponsors for the recently concluded NFT Connect conference in Arizona. Besides several leaders and influencers from the global technology domain, the event also featured the legendary Snoop Dogg, performing a VIP DJ set. A well-known NFT enthusiast himself, Snoop Dogg was shown his very own unique ORBIS86 NFT character by Soniya Ahuja, Founder of ORBIS86, much to his enthusiastic approval. ORBIS86 will be presenting Snoop with the NFT by means of an Airdrop straight to his wallet, and the association is a critical stamp of approval for the brand. As a result, ORBIS86 was able to make its presence felt, with several users, guests, and enthusiasts sporting its SWAG caps and apparel, handed out at the event.


Besides being a rapper and performer, Snoop Dogg is one of several celebrities in the world with their very own NFT collection, worth millions of dollars. In fact, Snoop recently revealed that he is an NFT collector, operating under the pseudonym Cozomo de’ Medici on Twitter. It is estimated that his wallet of Ethereum NFT collectibles is worth more than 17 million US Dollars! However, owing to several fakes and intrusive users running around, Snoop has also been vocal about those using his brand to create their own NFTs, without his knowledge or approval. As such, the fact that Snoop appreciated the unique ORBIS86 NFT created especially for him, is of incredible significance. 

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One of the key panellists for the event, Soniya delved into the incredible world of NFTs and the limitless potential it holds for the future. Reflecting her belief in diversity and representation, the world of ORBIS86 is filled with characters from a wide range of races, genders, ethnicity, and more. Soniya delivered a rousing speech on “The Future of Onboarding People and Finding Talent for web3, crypto, and NFTs” and “Profiting from the Metaverse”. Soniya stressed that one of the key aspects of NFTs is the anonymity that it grants. Most holders identify directly by their handle or collection name, and as such, could literally be anyone, from a teenaged kid in California to a middle-aged mother of two in Ethiopia. As such, people are evaluated simply by their performance and their services, instead of their age, gender, ethnicity, and more. Through this, it helps dispel any and all inherent biases, ushering in a way to offer equal opportunities for all. 

While most of us think of gaming when it comes to NFTs and the metaverse, its applications are way beyond gaming. Touching upon exactly this point, Soniya spoke about the many possibilities to come in the world of the Metaverse, such as the ability to upload a human consciousness to it, and with the help of machine-learning and AI, replicate their personality, traits, memories, and more. For loved ones of terminally ill patients or even relatives of deceased individuals, this could unlock a whole new world of possibilities. With the help of tactile sensors and feedback, it might even be possible for them to interact physically with these avatars, which could be an invaluable gift for them. In fact, with the help of tools like the Oculus Rift and other immersive VR and AR gadgets, they could even help facilitate communication and interaction with patients suffering from paralysis, dementia, and more. 

During the second day of the conference, Soniya spoke about Onboarding in the Metaverse, including community members and a team, whenever an organisation delves into the world of NFTs. There is over 2 trillion US Dollars locked in cryptocurrency in the world at the time of writing this article, held by about 300 million people. Last year, 2.7 million NFTs that were traded on OpenSea were held by 360,000 people, and 80% of the NFTs were held by 10% of those wallets. Hence, it comes down to just 36,000 actual NFT Whales in the world, that the entire industry caters to. This is why it is so necessary to onboard more and more users on to the world of NFts, Metaverse, and Web3. 

In closing, Soniya stressed that while the idea of the Metaverse helping enhance human life in a host of different ways is what she is most excited about, she is also keenly aware of the possibility for its misuse and fears around its potential to replace real life, and that is what she will be wary of in the years to come. 

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