Oceanside Tree Service Experts Handles Dead Tree Removal for New Client and Prepares Landscape for New Trees


Oceanside, California – When Yusuf Manor came back home after spending 6 months in Texas, he found all the trees surrounding his property dead. Knowing that dead trees did not have any benefits, he contacted Oceanside Tree Service Experts for help with removing the trees. The company responded quickly and spent 5 days removing his 20 dead trees. To prepare the landscape for the new, healthy trees, the company removed the tree stumps too. 


“It is like there was a disease outbreak while everyone was away,” said Yusuf. “If the family had been around, there is a possibility that the disease would have been caught early and stopped from spreading – this would have saved the trees.” 

“However,” said Yusuf, “now that the trees were dead by the time everyone came back, the family had to remove them all and then plant new trees.”

Yusuf noted that his family had spent a lot of money in Texas. For this reason, he was at a point where he was operating under a tight budget. 

“When looking for a team to remove the dead trees,” said Yusuf, “the goal was to find a team that would not charge a high price. One of the neighbors had always brought up Oceanside Tree Service Experts in every conversation the family has ever had with him. For this reason, the wife decided to call the company and see if its cost would be affordable.”

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Oceanside Tree Service Experts reportedly sent a professional to Yusuf’s landscape to perform an inspection. When the homeowner received a price quotation from the company, he was surprised to see that it fit just perfectly in his budget. The price quoted by Oceanside Tree Service Experts was more affordable than the homeowner had expected.

“When the family invited Oceanside Tree Service Experts to the landscape to handle the tree removal procedure,” said Yusuf, “everyone expected the team of tree cutting professionals in Oceanside would just cut down the trees and then leave.”

The homeowner was surprised when the Oceanside team removed the stumps after the tree removal procedure. The company also went ahead and cleaned the landscape. This left every part looking sharp and ready for new trees. 

“The family is very grateful to Oceanside Tree Service Experts for their help,” said Yusuf. “Its Oceanside tree removal team did not just bring the trees down – they also removed the stumps together with the roots and then leveled the landscape. This will make things much easier for the family during the tree planting period.” 

Oceanside Tree Service Experts is often called the best tree removal company in Oceanside. A combination of 25+ years of experience and modern tree service tools have made the company stand out with its ability to handle complicated tree removal procedures. 

“Yusuf Manor’s trees were all over 100 feet tall,” said the company’s CEO. “While this characteristic of the trees was supposed to make the work harder, the company’s team was more than prepared. Using power-cutting tools, it was easy for the tree removal team to cut through the trunks. Using the crane, the team controlled the tree’s falling direction ensuring no tree landed on important utilities. A modern stump removal machine allowed the company to pull out the tree stumps quickly.”

According to the CEO, customers can visit the Oceanside Tree Service Experts offices at 2002 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92054, United States to book tree service procedures. The company also allows homeowners to book their services via +1 442-280-7575 and sales@Northsdtreeservice.com

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