El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros is Now Welcoming Emergency Tree Service Requests from El Dorado Hills Suburbs


El Dorado Hills, California – After years of handling tree emergencies in properties within the limits of El Dorado Hills city, El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros has finally decided to expand this service to property owners outside El Dorado Hills. This morning, the company organized a press conference to announce that property owners in suburbs like Malby Crossing, Crescent Ridge Village, and Winterhaven Village can request emergency tree service from the company at any time of the day or night. 


“Tree emergencies show up when they are least expected,” said the El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros CEO while making the announcement. “What’s more, these emergencies are not just limited to properties within El Dorado Hills city – they also affect homeowners in the suburbs that surround El Dorado Hills. From today, property owners outside El Dorado Hills can call the booking office at any time of the day or night to report hazardous trees and request immediate help.” 

“Irrespective of whether it is at 9 am, 9 pm, or at midnight,” added the company’s CEO, “the emergency response team will do everything in its power to arrive at the emergency site in less than 60 minutes. Prioritizing fast response to all emergencies, El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros hopes to help property owners avoid expensive property repairs.” 

A company that has been handling tree care procedures in El Dorado Hills for the past 25 years, El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros reports that it has the most advanced tree maintenance machines. Using cranes, bucket trucks, and modern cutting tools, the company can complete the most complicated emergency procedures without causing property damage. 

“In El Dorado Hills,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “tree emergencies often involve trees leaning dangerously over powerlines and houses. When removing such trees, the team of tree cutting professionals in El Dorado Hills has to control the tree’s falling path.” 

“Just cutting the tree’s base will not work since the tree may drop on the utilities and cause a lot of damage,” added the chief of field operations. “To ensure the trees are brought down safely, the team at El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros uses the bucket truck to conduct tree pruning – this lightens the tree, allowing the crane operator to control its falling path. By following this procedure, the company succeeds at bringing down the tree without touching the neighboring utilities.” 

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In addition to taking advantage of its advanced tools to help homeowners outside El Dorado Hills boundaries avoid tree-related damages, the company will also take advantage of its years of experience in the tree service industry.

“When it comes to completing risky procedures safely, advanced tools are not the only thing that counts,” said the company’s CEO. “Customers in the suburbs surrounding El Dorado Hills City will also be taking advantage of the company’s years of experience. After handling hundreds of thousands of emergency tree service procedures, the team of tree cutting professionals in El Dorado Hills knows what to expect in different scenarios. This will help in planning procedures in a way that eliminates the risk of property damage.” 

El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros reports that its customers in the suburbs will enjoy affordable prices. The company’s CEO reported that the goal of keeping the cost of emergency tree services affordable is to ensure that El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros is serving homeowners with the tightest budgets.

“Very few homeowners have home insurance,” said the company’s CEO. “Emergencies often appear when homeowners have already put most of their money in other projects. This explains why charging an affordable cost for emergency tree services is very vital. Even though the distance between the offices in El Dorado Hills and emergency sites outside the city may be slightly longer, affordable prices will be maintained in all suburbs.” 

El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros offices are located at 1037 Suncast Ln, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762, United States. Customers, however, can communicate with the company via +1 916-970-3658 and sales@placertreeservice.com

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