Experts at Wine Cellar Creation Shares Tips to Choose a Perfect Cellar Cooling System

When it comes to setting up a custom wine cellar, Wine Cellar Creation offers a complete solution. As one of the leading manufacturers of wine cellars and wine racks, the company is renowned for crafting the best mahogany wine racks and cellars. Besides offering a complete wine storage solution, Wine Cellar Creation also guides wine enthusiasts about the right techniques of storing wine and keeps sharing other useful tips.

Recently, experts at Wine Cellar Creations have shared valuable information that helps people select the right type of cellar cooling system. Investing in a good cooling system is important to maintain the quality of liquor. However, selecting the right type of unit can be confusing.

It is a cooling unit that maintains a constant level of humidity and temperature to create an ideal environment for your wine bottles. Maintaining the ideal temperature allows wines to age finely throughout the years. A sales representative at Wine Cellar Creation said, “Fluctuating temperature and change in humidity level can harm the wine. Cellars need to maintain 50%–70% humidity to keep the cork healthy. If the humidity level is too high, the cork may become moist and moldy while low-level humidity could dry out the cork. Likewise, if the temperature is too high, the wine could get “cooked” or spoiled while a too cold environment could freeze the wine. To avoid these issues, it becomes imperative to find the right cooling system that helps in maintaining proper temperature and humidity level in the cellar.”

The right temperature ensures proper aging of wine and maintaining the right level of humidity helps in keeping the wine corks healthy. To keep cellar temperature at 45-64° F and humidity 50%–70%, different types of cooling systems are available in the market. “To select a cooling system that works best for your cellar, you need to consider some factors such as the size and location of your cellar, as well as budget. For large wine cellars with several bottles of wine stored for aging, it’s best to invest in built-in refrigeration. Typically, there are three types of wine cellar cooling systems – self-contained non-ducted units, ductless split cooling systems, and ducted cooling units. Each type of cooling system has different specifications and your choice depends on factors like budget, cellar size and location, noise level, performance, and more”, says Wine Cellar Creation sales representative.

Wine Cellar Creation provides a complete wine storage solution for residential and commercial users. From designing custom cellars to installing the cooling system, they deliver top-notch services. Cellar cooling system specialist at Wine Cellar Creation explains that non-ducted (self-contained) systems are similar to window ACs and are mounted through a wall. These are the most affordable cellar cooling systems but can be noisy and work best in small cellars. The split cooling systems provide a cost-effective solution for larger cellars. However, these are not best suited to control humidity and can be an expensive system for a small cellar. The third type, ducted wine cooling system is designed for large cellars. This type of system work quietly and the evaporator and condenser are located outside the house. But on the downside, ducted systems are expensive and need extensive in-wall installation.

It means that if your cellar is located near the living space, you need to consider the noise level and heat produced by the cooling system. Avoid a self-contained system if the cellar is too close to a room. Vibration is another important factor that impacts the aging process of wine. Look for split or ducted systems to prevent vibration that can take away flavors and aromas of the wine.

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