Creative Biolabs Offers One-stop γδ T Cell Engineering Services for Cancer Immunotherapy Development

An advanced γδ T profiling and engineering platform has been established at the leading biotech company Creative Biolabs to bring further progress in cancer therapy development.

New York, USA – March 29, 2022 – γδ T cells are unconventional lymphocytes that function in both innate and adaptive immune responses against various intracellular and infectious stresses. They can be exploited as cancer-killing effector cells since γδ T cell receptors recognize MHC-like molecules and growth factor receptors upregulated in cancer cells. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive γδ T cell profiling and γδ T cell engineering with rational optimal strategies to maximize the anti-tumor property of γδ T cells.

Creative Biolabs has been focused on studying the roles of γδ T cell in tumorigenesis and developing new T cell based immunotherapy for years. To further explore the potential of γδ T cells for clinical applications, Creative Biolabs offers one-stop γδ T cell engineering services including but not limited to:

• CAR Engineered γδ T Cell Development

γδ T cells engineered to express chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) can recognize certain tumor antigens and activate immune cells against tumor cells. To pave this new way for tumor treatment, Creative Biolabs provides a full range of CAR engineered γδ T cell development services, covering CAR generation for engineered γδ T cells, γδ T cell preparation for CAR lentivirus transduction, CAR transduction for engineered γδ T cell, and validation of CAR γδ T cells.

• αβ TCR-Engineered γδ T Cells Development

The success of T cell-based immunotherapeutic applications depends on the availability of large numbers of T cells with the desired antigen specificity and phenotypic characteristics. To obtain sufficient T cells with an antigen specificity of choice, Creative Biolabs proposes an alternative strategy, namely, the transfer of T cell specificity by the genetic introduction of TCR α- and β-chains into T lymphocytes.

• Drug-Resistant Engineered γδ T Cells Development

With genetic engineering methods, Creative Biolabs develops a gene therapy-based strategy by using lentiviral genes to modify γδ T cells to obtain the engineered drug-resistant γδ T cells in order to resist the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy drugs, to realize the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and to provide novel ideas for cancer treatment research.

• Bispecific γδ T Cell Antibody Development

By binding to target antigens, bispecific antibodies induce a variety of bioactivities, such as recruitment and activation of immunocytes, blocking receptor signaling, cytotoxicity, and targeted delivery. Creative Biolabs can manufacture bispecific antibodies of two categories: those containing an Fc region named as IgG-like bispecific antibodies and those without an Fc region are non-IgG-like bispecific antibodies.

• Engineered γδ T-APC Development

By stimulating γδ T cells with phosphoantigens, Creative Biolabs can obtain γδ T cells with enhanced antigen-presenting functions (γδ T-APC) in vitro, which is similar to and superior to the widely used monocyte-derived dendritic cells, exhibiting great potential for immunotherapy as a cellular vaccine.

• γδ T Cell Hybridomas Development

Based on the fusion technology that led to the monoclonal antibody selection, Creative Biolabs develop T cell hybridomas as useful tools to investigate the antigen-presenting cell (APC) function, and make sure they are easy to clone and have ideal plating efficiencies, and ultimately can be selected for mutants, infected, and transformed.

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Creative Biolabs is an emerging biotech company committed to offering a full spectrum of high-quality basic research services related to γδ T cells, including γδ T cell isolation, activation and expansion, characterization, production, and cell function testing services, to facilitate the development of T cell based immunotherapy.

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