Serial Entrepreneur And Investment Expert, Antonio Velardo, Talks About Investments, Blockchain, And Cryptocurrency, In YouTube Video Hosted By Dream Big & Co

The incredibly insightful venture capitalist explained the intricacies and mechanics that govern the operation of the aforelisted markets, dispelling myths and also offering advice to guide new and intending investors

Serial entrepreneur and investment expert, Antonio Velardo, recently appeared on a YouTube video hosted by Dream Big & Co, in which he spoke extensively about investments, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

The incredibly insightful venture capitalist explained the intricacies and mechanics governing those markets and also dispelled popular myths and rumors associated with investing in them.

Highlighting his transition from real estate investment into the equity and cryptocurrency scenes, Antonio Velardo revealed that the main factor that influenced his decision to invest or not invest in a particular company was the leadership behind the company and the extent to which they were motivated for success.

“Most times, understanding what motivates the founder and his team is more important than understanding the project itself. Especially in pre-seed investment rounds where companies simply present pitch decks, which are more or less PowerPoint presentations filled with lofty promises. The ability to understand the drive of the founder and how reliable he/she can be under pressure is an investor’s most prized asset.”

Speaking further on venture capitalist investments, Antonio posited that it was always better to bank on projects with huge rewards. According to him, there’s always the possibility of losing everything invested if the business fails and so investors must ensure they only back viable projects with huge returns and even bigger growth potential.

The serial investor also highlighted his journey into the cryptocurrency world and expressed some strong opinions on the future of bitcoin and ethereum.

Anyone interested in learning more about Antonio’s take on investing in cryptocurrencies and early-stage startups can watch the full video here:

About Antonio Velardo

Antonio Velardo is a real estate entrepreneur, business angel, and venture capitalist with over 15 years of experience investing in different enterprises. The graduate of the Blockchain Strategy Program at the University of Oxford is currently pursuing a Masters in Digital Currency from Nicosia University, despite being responsible for the establishment of several successful companies around the world. Together with his equity analysis team and blockchain group, Antonio analyzes different investment opportunities in the market.

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