In “Matters of the Soul” Ruth Cherry, PhD guides readers through their shadowy inner world to find peace, creativity and passion.

Dr. Ruth Cherry presents a well-written and thought-provoking book that explores the soul with strategies to expand the reader’s experience of well-being over a lifetime.

Author Dr. Ruth Cherry walks with readers on a journey through the parts of themselves they don’t yet know in her book Matters of the Soul. Anyone interested in self-help or spirituality will appreciate this book.

Ruth, a clinical psychologist, opens her text by describing her own journey leading her to study psychology. She states, “We all have wounds. At times we think we would be better persons if we deny some aspects of ourselves. Thus, we damage ourselves further without recognizing that we do so.” Ruth says that healing involves integrating all the parts of who we are and then moving even more deeply inside.  

Matters of the Soul encourages readers to participate in their own lives with greater awareness. 

More than just a book to be read, Matters of the Soul offers readers an experience. Ruth asserts that healing follows naturally when you accept and integrate the parts of yourself which you have previously disowned.  

With its many exercises and reflections, Matters of the Soul pulls readers deeply inside themselves. Gradually, they move into their Essence. “Operating at this basic level of Being offers us the most powerful healing opportunity we can experience. It carries us to the cracks in our soul and then shows us how to heal them.” 

Ruth practices in San Luis Obispo, California. Having studied healing for more than 40 years, she states that meditation “is the most profound healing experience available to us.” She hosts free weekly guided meditations online as well as providing a meditation subscription service. For $1/month subscribers may access over 200 recorded guided meditations of varying lengths on her web site,

Ruth is intrigued by the wisdom and the power that live at our deepest core. Her six books teach readers to appreciate and trust their own inner Wisdom. She affirms that “When we practice partnership with Life, allowing Life to guide us and to teach us, we open to healing, passion, and magic we have not imagined.” 

Matters of the Soul is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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