Santa Ana Tree Experts Handles Tree Removal for Homeowner Planning to Plant Native Tree Species

Santa Ana, California – When Jackson decided to purchase his first home in Santa Ana, his goal was to find a decent but cheap home. After doing his research, he settled on a home that had a very affordable price – from his observations of the home, the reason the price was low was that it did not have good trees. 

“One thing the life in real estate teaches you is that trees can lower the price of a very good property,” said Jackson. “Using the years of experience in the real estate business, the goal was to find a home with poorly maintained trees so that the family would spend less money on the new purchase. Luckily, after checking numerous homes in Santa Ana, the family settled with a property that had some very unappealing trees.” 

The homeowner told a group of reporters that he later learned the reason why the trees were looking unappealing was that they were not native to Santa Ana. 

“The previous homeowner had planted trees that weren’t well adapted to this part of California,” said Jackson. “To improve the landscape, the family had to replace the unhealthy non-native trees with native trees.” 

After doing his research online, Jackson contacted Santa Ana Tree Experts and requested the tree removal service. From his research, he had learned that the company is very effective when it comes to tree removal. He had also determined that the company is very affordable. 

“When the family contacted Santa Ana Tree Experts,” said Jackson, “the company sent a professional to inspect the trees and also estimate the total cost of the procedure. It was surprising to learn that the company reduces the total cost for a tree maintenance procedure as the number of trees that need improvement increases.” 

The homeowner reportedly ended up saving $50 on each tree he was removing. With a total of 30 trees to be removed, the homeowner saved $1,500 in total. 

“When the details for the tree removal procedure were finalized,” said Jackson, “the company’s Santa Ana tree removal team was here the next day at around 7 am. Working at least 8 hours a day, the company removed 6 trees daily. The entire project took the team a total of 5 days.” 

To see how Santa Ana Tree Experts handle complicated tree maintenance procedures, read this story:

Santa Ana Tree Experts impressed the homeowner with its effective cleanup. After removing the trees, the company did not just pull out the tree stumps – its team of tree cutting professionals in Santa Ana also collected the tree stumps, tree trunks, the branches, and the sawdust and took it to the dumpsite. 

“By the time Santa Ana Tree Experts left the landscape,” said Jackson, “the home was ready for the new trees. All that remained was finding a good tree nursery, digging the holes, and then planting the trees.” 

To understand whether Santa Ana Tree Experts handles bulk tree removal procedures regularly, reporters contacted the company’s CEO. 

“Tree removal is usually the last solution the company recommends to clients,” said the company’s CEO. “However, in some special cases, the company will always go ahead and handle tree removal without any questions. When a tree is dead or dying, trees are blocking a property development project, or when a tree has turned into a hazard, tree removal is a good solution.” 

The CEO told the reporters that Santa Ana Tree Experts was formed to protect the urban forest in Santa Ana. However, in the case of Jackson’s trees, the company knew that the non-native trees would die at some point. For this reason, removing the trees was a good way to create room for trees that would survive the weather in Santa Ana. 

Santa Ana Tree Experts schedules its tree maintenance procedures from its base at 3861 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 949-359-8204 and

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