The Cryogenic Valve Market Is Not Low-temperature, And GreenFir Has Launched a Number Of New Cryogenic Valve Products

In recent years, with the development of petrochemical industry, air separation, natural gas and other industries, the application of cryogenic valves is becoming more and more popular. Cryogenic valve refers to the valve whose medium temperature is – 40 ℃ ~ – 196 ℃. Common Cryogenic valves are divided into Cryogenic butterfly valve, Cryogenic gate valve, Cryogenic ball valve, cryogenic stop valve, cryogenic check valve, cryogenic throttle valve, etc. Cryogenic valve is one of the indispensable and important equipment in many industries. Its quality determines whether it can be produced safely, economically and continuously. With the development of modern science and technology, Cryogenic valves are more and more widely used and in greater demand.


In recent years, cryogenic valves have a wide range of applications, and there are generally strict requirements for the manufacturing process of cryogenic valves. Greenfir has formulated strict manufacturing process and special equipment for the cryogenic valves produced, and carried out strict quality control for the processing of parts. After special cryogenic treatment, the rough machined parts are placed in the cooling medium for several hours (2-6 hours) to release the stress, ensure the cryogenic performance of the material and ensure the finish machining size, so as to prevent the leakage caused by the deformation caused by the temperature change of the valve under low-temperature working conditions. The assembly of the valve is also different from that of ordinary valves. The parts need to be strictly cleaned to remove any oil stain to ensure their service performance.

The main advantages of cryogenic valve are light valve body and small size. The long shaft cryogenic stop valve is composed of valve body, valve disc, valve stem, valve cover, hand wheel and seal. This series of valves adopt the form of long stem, which can avoid the effect of external heat and keep the gland at room temperature to prevent the performance degradation of the cover seal. This length is the ideal length obtained through calculation and test. Ideal seat. The gasification booster gate valve adopts flexible structure and is fully sealed. The gasket is made of Teflon containing ceramic filler material with stable sealing.


Cryogenic valves sometimes leak. There are two main causes of leakage, one is internal leakage and the other is external leakage. The internal leakage of the valve is mainly caused by the deformation of the sealing pair at cryogenic. External leakage of valve: first, the connection mode between valve body and pipeline can be changed from flange connection to welding structure, so as to avoid low-temperature leakage. The second is the leakage at the valve stem and packing. Greenfir has repeatedly improved and tested the phenomenon of valve leakage for many times, and finally improved the common problem of cryogenic valve leakage, making greenfir cryogenic valve more popular in the market.

The performance of cryogenic valves in the market in recent years is very promising, but the product quality is very key. Cryogenic valves are basically applied in chemical industry, chemical equipment and other fields. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, production enterprises must strictly implement product production standards and processes, put the quality of products in the * position, and manufacture products that users can use safely. In this way, enterprises can go further and make positive contributions to China’s economic construction.

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