Safe Pest Control Warns About Pests

In 2022 as families across Australia begin to break out their baking ingredients in the preparation for this year’s upcoming holiday season, many families might be unfortunate enough to encounter some unwelcome pests inside of their kitchens and other areas. These little critters nicknamed “pantry pests,” bugs like beetles or small moths are attracted to baking ingredients that are commonly stored in kitchen pantries and even in your cabinets, such as flour, spices, and chocolate. Safe Pest is sharing this release about how homeowners can fight back against kitchen pests in their homes.

“No one wants pests interrupting their baking sessions during the upcoming holidays,” said Safe Pest. “Pantry bugs can really contaminate your food and can be very capable of spreading disease. In addition to other bugs ants, one of the more common pantry pests are merchant grain beetles and nasty meal moths. Merchant grain beetles are darker brown and have six saw-like teeth on each side of their small flat beetle body. They like to eat cereal, cake and muffin mixes, along with anything containing grains.”

“Meal moths are attracted to very bright light, which is why they can be commonly found in your grocery stores. These copper-colored moths enjoy feasting on dried fruits, grain, nuts, chocolate, powdered milk products, chocolate candy, and candies,” said Safe Pest rep.

To avoid any pantry or kitchen pest infestation, Safe Pest recommends the following as best practices to keep these nuisances out of your holiday.

Store all food items in insect-proofed containers such as glass and even plastic can assist in keeping bugs out, with tight sealed lids of course. Do not mix old or new food products, as mixing food items can lead to the spread and infestation of these little critters. Never purchase groceries if the packaging is open or unsealed. Keep cabinets, pantries, and countertops clean and free of food crumbs. Dispose of any food that is expired or shows signs of a pest infestation. Safe Pest urges you to reach out if you run into any pests before a holiday or any other day.

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