Global Investment is The African Growth Story for 2022 According to Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler

Global Investment is The African Growth Story for 2022 According to Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler

Manufacturing journalist, TR Cutler recently reported an increase in venture capital and global investment in Africa as an indication of extraordinary growth. According to Cutler, “When looking at indicators that predict the future African economy, none is as evident as foreign investment. Heretofore, China and India have foreseen the economic opportunity of the African continent, people, and potential trajectory for extraordinary growth. While long overdue the rapid announcements of venture capital, corporate funding, and North American manufacturing participation is seeing demonstrable and dramatic upticks.” Read more in the March issue of Manufacturing Outlook magazine.

Cutler provides several examples of various companies and governments working with investors who find investment in the African continent worthwhile and meritorious.  Whether funding startups, building trains, or investing in e-commerce, one need only follow the money to see that the efficacy in African investments is a frequent 2022 trend.

Cutler will continue to profile the growing manufacturing segment in Africa which will overtake India in population by 2040.

Jacket Media is the parent company of Manufacturing Outlook magazine. The publication highlights current manufacturing trends. 

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